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5 Reasons Why You Should Make Way For Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is over-taking the packaging world as demand from a plethora of industries wanting plastic bags, pouches, sachets, films and laminate rolls continues to spike.
According to Smithers Pira, the global market for flexible packaging in 2015-2020 is estimated to grow at an annual average rate of 3.4%, worth $248 billion. Whether you’re an SME or a multinational corporation in the pharmaceutical, textile, healthcare, agricultural or the water & beverage industry, you need to read on to find out why Roshan Packages Limited is your coveted flexible packaging manufacturer. Ready to integrate your needs with the latest manufacturing technology.


Flexible packaging costs less than traditional rigid packaging solutions like wooden boxes and paperboard moulded plastic. Our dynamic in-house R&D lab enables us to operate using the latest printing and manufacturing methods that ensure resourcefulness and low-cost production. Thus, flexible packaging has a lower pack to product ratio and takes up 20% less storage space than rigid packaging, resulting in lower transportation costs.

Convenience and Portability

Flexible packaging weighs 70% less than rigid containers making it easy to move in the shipment process. It is easy to package, store and ship. Consumers love the light-weight and functional packaging of bags and pouches with its squeeze ability- making it user convenient.


Roshan Packages Limited provides customisable flexible packaging like laminated rolls for wrap-around labels for milk bottles and ice cream wrappers, shredded cheese pouches and fresh milk pouches with eye-catching print options. Flexible packaging can be custom-made in to many shapes and sizes with the adornment of high-quality brand prints, to befit all purposes.

Our use of polymers such as:

  • PET means it can be extruded into any shape because of its dimensional stability, thus it’s popular in food and beverage packaging.
  • OPP means it’s easy to shape for industrial packaging.
  • White Opaque/ Pearlised OPP surface resembles a white paper background, ideal for candy packaging to achieve a luxury brand appeal and high gloss finish.
  • Transparent OPP gives endless opportunities for brands to play around with the transparency.
  • LLDPE/LDPE are customisable for a range of packaging products like bags and shrink-wrap films for oil & ghee packaging.

Unlike rigid materials, flexible packaging allows more creative merchandise displays and brand differentiation. Our state-of-the-art rotogravure, the most popular printing process used in flexible packaging, has the ability to print up to 8 colours through large-volume runs without the image degrading.

Safety and Protection Properties

Our flexible packaging manufacturing facilities in Pakistan use product-specific barrier technology so we can produce:

  • Packaging with your desired OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate) and MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) by combining materials that protect it from external atmospheric elements.
  • Packaging designed to protect your product from heat, light (UV rays), etc.

We offer:

  • Co-extruded films and rolls (using a range of polymers) that is food grade available, impact, moisture and chemical resistant, thus popular for different barrier laminations.
  • PET that has global safety approval for contact with food, is unreactive to food, resistant to contamination and leakages and shatterproof all while optimising shelf-life.
  • OPP that is resistant to damage, chemicals, humidity/condensation, etc.


 Our use of:

  • Flexible packaging means we use substantially less fossil fuels and create 50% less waste than rigid materials.
  • Biodegradable materials in flexible packaging means it decomposes in landfills when it comes into contact with a high microbial count, it is then reduced to water and carbon in about 18 months after disposal-ensuring we don’t harm our environment.
  • Faster and greener machines means we have lower carbon footprint and material consumption.

Are you ready to try flexible packaging?

We, at Roshan Packages Limited, can provide efficient and economical solutions to all your packaging needs. For more information why not Get a Quote or call us on +92 42 35290734-8.


  1. Flexible packaging is one of the fastest growing forms of packaging in the industry and it doesn’t look like that growth is stopping anytime soon. Not only is it beneficial to both manufacturers and retailers, but it also has it perks for consumers as well. Flexibility is the name of the game, not just in a tangible sense.

  2. yes , it is true that flexible packaging growing like super sonic,it is best useful addition in packaging industry to make consumer’s life more easy and safe.

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