Precious moment worth preserving


In 1959, Dr Aijaz Hassan Qureshi began a journey of excellence after returning from Germany with a PhD. He launched Urdu Digest which served as the onset of an extraordinary journey forward. The Urdu Digest became Pakistan’s most circulated publication due to its engaging content pertinent to attentive and thoughtful editorials and subject matters.

Roshan Enterprises launched in 1989 to export Pakistan’s fruits to the world and the enterprise was a pioneer and forerunner in recognising the potential in Pakistan’s fruit crops. At this time in history, fruit was omitted in Pakistan’s export culture, and Roshan Enterprises invited the prospect through intellectual marketing techniques and advanced fruit processing units. The enterprise exceeded expectations and evolved into Pakistan’s largest fruit exporter.

The corporation’s futuristic approach and high volume export demand prompted the setup of an in-house packaging unit. In 2002, Roshan Packages Limited was established to meet internal demand for Corrugated Packaging. After this momentous initiation, the company grew exponentially and established European standards Flexible Packaging and Co-extruded Film Solution Plants in 2011 and 2015, respectively.

Presently, Roshan Packages Limited specialised in world-class Co-extruded films, Flexible Packaging and Corrugated Packaging materials and solutions all in essence to current industry trends. Consequently, Roshan Packages Limited has gained an outstanding pool of national and international consumer database a credit to its remarkable progression.

Our Successful Journey