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Best And Convenient Way To Purchase Custom Boxes


Best And Convenient Way To Purchase Custom Boxes

What is a custom box?

A custom box is a very simple but extremely effective way to improve your brand’s identity, gain the client’s trust and also improve your quality service. 

These small advantages actually help a great deal in all. 

Often underrated, but it is one of the best and practical marketing tools that you can use for your business. It works in so many different ways, but all will be to benefit you and your business. 

Why is a custom box so important?

A custom box will put your brand name and identity right in front of your client. 

For Example: 

You shopped for something online from a brand and it is delivered to your house. 

What will be the first thing that you notice or even touch?

It will be the main packing box in which the product arrived. You will see the brand’s logo and will remember it. 

You can also see the brand’s color scheme, the patterns which are the brand’s identity. 

Now, whoever sees the packing box is going to ask which brand is this, what do they sell and maybe even go and look up their website and products. 

In this simple manner, you gained one more viewer or a potential buyer! 

Factors to consider before purchasing custom boxes:

So now that you have decided to invest upon spending some custom printed boxes, you need to analyze and focus on a few factors before you make the actual payments.

They include: 

  • Your target audience matters a lot. If you are targeting women, you can use colors that attract them and also print your boxes like that. 

 Similarly, for kids, you can use cartoon characters and animal prints. So the audience matters a lot in this regard. 

  • You should also analyze what your competitors are selling and how are they designing their printing boxes, or custom boxes. 

 You can take inspiration but do not copy.

  • The design of the custom boxes matters a lot in this regard since they will be representing your brand image and whatever you are selling.

 So, make sure you design your custom boxes very well in a manner that it will introduce your brand to the masses.

  • Keep an eye on the latest packaging trends. Every year, a lot of designers introduce new and innovative styles of packing. Make sure to check it out and see which is feasible for your brand. 
  • It is important to hire someone who is professional enough to work for you. It is a one-time investment for designing proper label, and print for your box but it goes a long way. 

Best and most convenient ways to purchase custom boxes: 

So now that you have decided your brand wants to invest in custom printed boxes, you might want to look upon a few options that are available online or in stores.

You can check out the few options by which you can get your hands on the best and most durable custom boxes: 

  • Buy wholesale:

A lot of companies like Ali Baba offer you wholesale products. 

One of the biggest benefits of buying boxes on wholesale is the overall rate is reduced. 

The more boxes you order, the lesser amount you will have to pay overall. 

This is great for companies who are looking for a bigger number of boxes. 

One other advantage is that it’s a one-time investment. 

You will have to buy boxes just once and then you can keep on using them. 

There might be some damage when you buy boxes on a bigger rate but chances are less. 

  • Buy from same niche brands:

If there are other brands like you with the same niche and type of products, you can buy unprinted boxes from them as well.

A lot of bigger companies who manufacture and make their own boxes make a generic design, which they even sell to other companies.

Sometimes two brands get their boxes made in the same lab or place and therefore they might be same too.

The difference is how you present it. You can make it of your brand by posting your own label, your logo and your brand name. 

  • Look for websites online:

There are a lot of websites on the internet which sell boxes on demand. Not only that, they give you a good price and a lot of packages and discount code. 

Roshpack is one of those websites from where you can order custom printed boxes in whatever size and shape you like. 

They offer a variety of boxes, whether you want for food items, fruits, medicines or pizza.

You just have to inform them of the shape and size, and the quantity.

Plus, they can also print out your custom label on the boxes and deliver it to you.

Which Type Of Material Used For Medicines Packaging
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Which Type Of Material Used For Medicines Packaging

Which Type Of Material Used For Medicines Packaging

Which Type Of Material Used For Medicines Packaging

Medicine packaging is a very important phenomenon to understand because it can help protect and ship medicines safely from one place to another.

Basically, good packaging has the following aims: 

  • Should not cause leaking
  • Prevent contamination
  • Hold content firmly
  • Protect from moisture and light
  • Prevent oxidation
  • Prevent biological contamination

When you are choosing medicine cartons to pack and ship your products, the questions come about choosing the best material available in the market.

Such packaging is all about choosing films – these provide a strong barrier against water, moisture, gases like oxygen and others. These films are used in all levels of packaging, like in sachet, label, blisters and whatnot. 

The material that is needed to make such occlusive film includes a lot of ingredients. It might contain aluminium, plastic, and some oxides. A film that is metallized has metal ingredients which help with growth.

Similarly, if you use a coated film, it has aluminium or polymer which helps to maintain that barrier.

The final seal is also important, as improper sealing can also leave in contamination or gasses. 

Although medications are fully packed when stored in a medicine box, it still needs to undergo sterilization.

This step is necessary to make sure that everything is clean and there is no sort of contamination that can happen later on. 

Some products need to be saved in a cold-storage area. This is because they may contain ingredients which can breakdown in heat or light.

For example, insulin needs to be kept in a refrigerated and cold atmosphere. The temperature of such an area is usually between 2-8 degrees. 

Materials Used To Pack Medicines: 

  • Plastics; 

Made up of Polymers, plastic is one of the widely used items. It is cheap, easily available and easy to manufacture also. It is not fragile so can be transported easily as well. It is also flexible enough and can be blown into any size or shape you require. 

  • Glass:

It is one of the most commonly used packaging material used. Commonly used for bottles, glass provides a lot of protection, especially from light.

It is economical and eco-friendly but fragile enough as it can break down very easily. 

  • Metal:

Aluminium and steel are commonly used, Metal is preferred because it can resist light and moisture easily. It is also lighter, and labels can be pasted on its surface easily.

However, they are expensive and can react with a lot of compounds in medicine. 

  • Rubber:

It is mainly used to create closures for bottles and lids. It does not decompose that easily.

However, it does not allow water and gases to go through. 

  • Cardboard:

Cardboard is mainly used for secondary or tertiary packing of medicines. It is necessary to make sure that medicines are safely transported from one location to another. It can also be loaded and unloaded easily.

Other than that, one big box can fill in several small shipments inside it. Overall delivery charges will depend on the total box of weight with medicines.

Medicine box
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5 Best Medicine Box Designs

Medicine box

5 Best Medicine Box Designs

If you are looking to find the best designs for medicine box, there are so many inspirations out there to choose from. No doubt medicines are one of the most difficult things to ship, since they can oxidize, contaminate or break down very easily. Even the slightest change in temperature and environment can deteriorate them. Following are 5 medicine box designs you can use to ship your medications: 

  • Pill Boxes

For small pills, using pill boxes is one of the best options. The pills are divided into different sections which is good enough for people who need to take pills on a daily basis. You can buy labeled ones, which are labeled according to the day of the week or the date. It is a reminder for you to take your pills daily. You can buy a smaller pill box too, or it ranges up to a bigger number, depending on the dosage regimen. 

  • Loaded Dispensers

For people or specially the adult population who have difficulty with counting dosage and pills can use such type of medicine boxes which have designs to give a set amount of pills or tablets need for the day. This is great for people who may not remember how many pills to take or so. 

  • Child-resistant Containers

One big hazard with medication is to keep it safe from children. They may ingest it thinking it as a candy. Therefore, there came a concept of creating medicine designs which have containers resistant to be opened by kids. You need to open it by rotating and pressing it, something only adults can do. In this way, this container becomes safe to be opened by kids. 

  • Plain cardboard boxes

Most of the pills and capsules are packed in plain cardboard boxes with template that can be custom used. This sort of packaging is very universal and can be customized to your type of medications. You can print your company’s logo, medicine name, dosage, requirements and what not on it.

These boxes are easily available and can be bought in bulk too. They are lightweight, mostly made out of thin cardboard sheet and can be customized easily. When you buy in bulk, it gives you a better whole sale rate. These boxes are often recycled and reusable as well. 

These cartons are specially designed for industry, to make sure medicines are easily shipped and transported. They can be packed and loaded easily. These cartons are usually big enough to carry multiple smaller items so that you can shift them one at a time. These cartons are usually about 1 kg. When you fill it and ship it, then comes the final delivery charges for it. 

One of the biggest benefits to use these cartons is that they are usually made up of corrugated sheets and help preserve them. It also helps to keep the environment constant for the medications so that they will not oxidize or go bad easily.

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Why Does a Round Pizza Come in a Square Box


Why Does a Round Pizza Come in a Square Box

When it comes to choosing the best fast food, pizza is no doubt one of the most famous foods eaten around the world. There are so many types of it; you can have it with cheese, vegetables and what not. It suits everyone, from kids to adults. No doubt, it is easily available around the world, because of its popularity it is the most sought after food item everywhere. But when you look at the pizza box and wonder it: Why a round pizza comes in a square box?

There have been so many answers to this. Let us check out some. 

  • It is simple! 

When it comes to the development of a plain pizza packaging, it is observed that square boxes are comparatively easier to make, since they are made by one sheet of cardboard only. It is also easier to store boxes this way. Not only that, they can be delivered as flat and can be folded in the form of boxes by the shop owners themselves. As mentioned before, it is easier to store square boxes as they are better in terms of stability. 

On the other hand, if you decide to make a round box, it comes with a lot of complexity. Not only such boxes are difficult to manufacture, but they cannot be delivered as a flat layer and folded themselves. These boxes are also more expensive to be transported as fully made boxes. They will have to store these boxes as a whole and will take more space in their pizzerias.

When a round box is made, it is made by 4 sections instead of one and has to be joined by pressing with a special type of machine. When compared with a square box, it sounds like so much work has to be done. You will need to create a separate top lid and a bottom for it to be round. 

  • Complications of around Box

A round box needs more hinges to be fixed. Now, during delivery, these hinges can break apart very easily. As compared to that, a square box is stable and cannot break easily.

A square box has more space to accommodate a pizza easily and without damaging it. You can also easily lift up the pizza. The space inside, near the corners, is used to keep other sauces and items which can be carried easily. Overall, it is more accommodating than carrying around a pizza.

A square box looks more pleasing to the eye since we are so used to seeing it for a long time.

There are pizzas sold in the triangle or rectangular boxes too, but they do not look as pleasing as a square box does. 

Finally, the biggest mystery is solved here. If you have been wondering the same, you got your reasons here. The crux of the story is, to order a yummy slice of pizza right away, pick it up and eat it and forget about the shape, focus on the delicious taste of pizza slice! 


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Best Shipping Boxes For Paintings



Best Shipping Boxes For Paintings

With online businesses on the rise, a lot of products can now be shipped and transported easily from one place or the other. Be it any food or medicinal item, or something as exquisite as shipping an artwork, you can easily manage it by using Custom boxes designed for the task. As we all know, shipping to different locations comes with a cost to pay. Sometimes, things are not packed correctly and they end up being damaged. It can lead to waste of money and of precious artwork. Therefore choosing the right shipping box is extremely crucial. 

There are a few factors which will help you choose the right material: 

  1. Choose the material which provides maximum safety to your artwork. Cardboard boxes should be generally avoided as they are not that efficient to provide maximum security. 
  2. Shipping costs also matter a lot. Since framed paintings are very heavy, they can cost you a lot of shipping charges. Similarly, if you ship unframed paintings, it might be considerably cheaper, as they can be easily rolled up into a cylinder and shipped. There is also a lesser chance of damage and you can choose a lighter material for the purpose as well. 
  3. You should know how much budget you have set for shipping purposes. Choose an option that is affordable and will not cost you an arm and leg. 

So, now that you have selected the right material for you and even order some custom printed boxes, here are few ways to make sure you pack these previous painting properly: 

  1. Decide whether you want to send the painting as framed or unframed. As mentioned previously, the unframed option is better in many ways like it costs less, and even packing it is easier compared to frame one. 
  2. Clean your packing area, and properly wrap the painting. Wrap first in a layer of craft paper, now wrap in bubble wrap safely. Bubble wrap is very important to keep your painting safe and immobile. It also prevents them from damaging during shipment. 
  3. Make sure you have invested in good quality tools. Packing can never be done if you do not have complete materials and tools to help you in the process. Some important things include investing in scissors, markers, good quality tapes, bubble wrap, craft paper and measuring equipment. If you do not have them, then packing can actually become difficult for you. 
  4. As mentioned, that material of the box varies on a lot of factors. One of the best types is to use corrugated sheets, specially the one that is called telescope box. In this particular type of corrugated sheets, you can actually join two boxes to make one big box enough to fit in your artwork. This type of sheet is not expensive at all, and it is durable enough to protect fragile items and ship them safely. 
  5. In the end, never forget to carefully and clearly label each painting, with the name of the artist so that you do not mix them up. 
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Explore Your Options Before Designing Medical Boxes


Explore Your Options Before Designing Medical Boxes

There are unlimited items when it comes to packaging. Amongst a commonly packed and shipped item is medication. Choosing a Medicine Box packaging is not an easy task to do. This process involves a lot of risk and care since these medications can be lifesaving and are fragile. The reason why medicine shipping is complicated includes: 

  • Can easily oxidize due to change in environment
  • Can have bacterial contamination
  • Each medicine and drug has its own temperature and environment requirements. If not placed in optimum conditions it can be damaged and wasted
  • There is a high risk involved and the cost can be huge
  • These medications need to be administered, therefore they need to be retained with their optimum efficacy

When it comes to delivering Medicines, you need to make sure you can deliver them without any contamination whatsoever and also they should be satisfactory for the consumers. There are a lot of recent trends on rise with regards to packaging medicines. Not only will they help in reducing the associated risk, but also help to improve the customer brand relationship. It is critical to choose the right quality of materials and packaging products. 

A very common myth in this regard is that the thicker packaging layer means that you product is protected more – which is not true at all. It will only increase the bulk and final weight which will directly increase delivery and shipping charges only. Not just that, it will be really difficult to ship and move. Customers do not like to pay a huge amount just for the delivery; therefore it will ruin that consumer experience as well. So we need to come up with a solution which will be cost-effective, light weight and something that can be easily transported as well. 

Some other options you can explore: 

  • Before you start medicine production, keep in mind the final packaging process right at this stage. Not only will that help you to choose the appropriate type of packaging, but you can also produce a custom design that will be suitable for each individual type of medicine. 
  • Measure size and dimension of the packaging material accurately. If the product is too large, it will be constantly pressed and can damage the medications. Similarly, if there is too much free space, the medicines may move around or even break due to the air created. Therefore, it is required to add products according to the perfect size. 
  • Before you start shipping out, make sure to test out a few batches in different conditions. It will give you a clear idea of different environmental conditions, temperatures and moisture level. You can see the results of the packaging in under different situations and therefore can alter anything right there and then. This testing is vital before you start to ship out big batches. Overall it will help to save your money and valuable medications, because they can be saved from a final or huge error by prior and timely testing by quality control departments. 
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Tips to Finding the Right Designer for Custom Retail Packaging

custom boxesTips to Finding the Right Designer for Custom Retail Packaging

Everyone wants to create a different and attractive packaging design for their retail boxes, such as Custom Boxes by RoshPack. The most important part about them is that it needs to be made so that it can depict the true essence of your brand. Most small business owners like to make their own packaging and go with the DIY principle. However, when it comes to creating a custom retail packaging, you need to hire a professional designer. 

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to create a rough image of what you want. For example, you want to design simple Fruit Packaging. You can go online and search for different inspirations across the web and get an idea of what you would like. 

Step 2: analyze your audience.  Does your target audience compose more of females or males? Is it targeted at kids or at an older audience? The right statistics of audience can help you to find the right design that perfectly represents your brand and translates it among the masses. 

Step 3: Take a good look at your competitors. Understand what and how they are selling. Take a good look at their marketing strategies, their goals and campaigns. You will fully understand how you can represent in a similar but better way. 

For hiring a good and competent designer: 

  • Check out their previous work

See whether they have done something similar to what you are hiring them for. For example, if you are hiring to design House Shifting Boxes, then look for relevant experience. Check their portfolio, which is usually available online on sites as Dribble, 99 designs, design-crowd and many more. It is easy to view work online and then get in touch with them personally. It saves time for both of the party while also reducing costs. 

  • Check out agencies to find the best designers

A lot of agencies will help to hook you up with the best and professional designers. An agency has a big range of designers that you can select from. 

  • Hiring Freelancers

Hiring an amazing freelancer is not difficult, plus this type of field is also expanding a lot. Many designers now work in the form of gigs. There is low overhead cost as compared to finding one through an agency, therefore much better for smaller brands too. However, there might be trust and deadline issue, so make sure you hire someone who is reliable with his work. 

  • Explain your Goals, Inspirations

Let the designers know what and how you want the packaging design to be. You should be clear about what you want and which elements you do not want. 

  • Be clear about deadlines, milestones and payments

One of the worst things is not to pay the designers, or such people not meeting deadlines. Before hitting it off, make sure to have a clear and preferably written agreement on the payments and milestones, and the deadlines so there is no sort of misconception and arguments later on.

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What can Custom Printed Boxes do For your Business Branding and Reach?

Custom Printed Boxes By Rosh Pack

Are you looking for a marketing strategy to promote your business in a better way? There are so many tricks to achieve that, but one commonly overlooked factor is to get custom printed boxes for your brand’s products. As businesses try to struggle with improving their branding and reach, they often forget the importance of packaging and the powerful impression that can be made with it. But, why do you need a custom box? Here are a few reasons to convince you to invest on them: 

Read more