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How to Determine the Credibility of Packaging Companies?

 How to Determine the Credibility of Packaging Companies?



The initial step in building a good working relationship with any company is to check the credibility of a business. A good outlook of a company on TV and Online Ads is not enough.  There must be a strong bond between company and its customers, because it helps a company to keep their online customers’ trust for a long period of time.

Customers are not able to differentiate between a new packaging company and an experienced company because of the increasing rate with which new companies are stepping in the market. Every person who is in need of box packaging and wants to put an order, must check the company credibility by keeping following points in mind.

Check Customer Reviews 


According to the statistics, 61% of the buyers read the reviews of customer before dealing with that company. While reading reviews whether positive or negative, a new visitor gets to feel that the brand is transparent and ready to own its image. New companies don’t have reviews of customers on their website, because obviously they didn’t function their services to anyone. On the other hand old companies have large number of reviews on various review platforms.  Do read them before buying anything.

Strong Online Social Media Presence


Many customers won’t shop at a business who has a poor repute online. Building online brand credibility only works in tandem with company’s personal identity — even more, so for small businesses. You should check the company online platforms (like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube & Instagram etc.) to make sure that they are very responsive there & worthy enough to deliver what you need.

This analysis will enable the customer to judge how much active they are on their social media platforms and how much information they are sharing to educate their customers about the new packaging trends. Only successful companies (One like Roshan Packages) leverage content marketing to create a strong personal identity to build credibility and attract potential customers/ product manufacturers like you.

Well-Established Portfolio


Customers and manufacturers see company’s profile before placing orders, it’s important to have a look through company’s profile & portfolio. Company’s products and services section is the most significant part of the business portfolio. Choose only the companies which have worked hard enough and have some great products under their belt..

Wide Categories of Packaging Boxes

Before putting an order, try to visit the company’s website and analyze whether their packaging categories are established or not? Are they manufacturing and printing the boxes you want to have? If they are showing very basic types and styles? If they are then it’s a new company and trying to grab as many customers as they can and at the end you might lose your money and time.

On the other hand, expert companies present a variety of packaging categories on their website, because of their long tenure served in the packaging industry.

Quickest Customer Service

Expert packaging companies take it seriously and give their customers a quick customer support as an indicator of trust. A company must be quick in response to their customers. If their customer service is too slow, then you should think twice about how much time they will take to deliver your packaging.

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How to make your brown boxes look lovely with white printing!

How to make your brown boxes look lovely with white printing!



A simple white text printed on Kraft brings stunning results. In this article, we show you some ideas on using space on your Corrugated box and spicing it up with a unique pattern.

Finding the right tone for your brand’s packaging isn’t an easy job. In fact, it influences many of your business areas – sales, brand awareness and even “share-ability” of the images of your products on social media. In other words, it is a decision that requires some thought put into it.

Here’s a solution that’s not only a safe choice but it’s eye-catching too. Let us introduce you to the white ink printed on Kraft paper of a corrugated box. Before we dig deeper into that concept, let’s clear up a simple question

What’s the advantage of using 1 color over multiple?

There are several reasons.

  • 1 color is less of an investment than a design with multiple. That means that choosing to print in white can be a less costly choice for you.
  • It looks elegant – just like dark print. Black is associated with elegance, but a white minimalistic design does the job as well
  • Brown Corrugated paper gives your packaging design a warm and natural vibe.

Many brands choose minimalism over excessive designs as this is a great way of letting the natural colors, textures and tones do the talking.

What ideas can you implement to make your boxes look stunning?

1) An Unprecedented Logo-Focused Font

The universal beauty of simplicity work across many industries, products, and customers.


Above, you can find an example of using white on a corrugated box for gifting. Birchbox likes to try various things in its design quite often. One of their ideas was white on Kraft as well – an original font that uses most of the upper-wall space. A handwritten-like print adds a personal touch to the box, which – in the case of gift boxes – is a highly recommended technique, as people like to be treated specially.

2) Details in the design

Another idea is to use a tiny white imprint and let the organic brown carton box speak for the brand. Such an idea was fabulously developed by a Swedish design studio Kurppa Hosk in their corrugated boxes.


3) Embrace the whole print space

While minimalism rocks the e-commerce industry, it’s not the only approach.


A design by dn&co from New York, made for the British furniture company Isokon Plus, seized the opportunity to create a universal imprint on varying sizes of the packaging. The modern font, white ink and adding a 3D effect by dissecting the company’s logo into two walls are the details worth appreciating.

As all of the examples above prove, white-ink imprint on kraft paper is quite powerful and inspiring. It can be applied to packaging for a vast range of products – from cosmetics and food to furniture. It actually might be something for you too!

If you are looking for a fresh look in the design of your boxes, a white imprint might be just the solution for you.

Take a look at Corrugated Products at our Online Store RoshPack:

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Pizza Packaging
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Pizza Packaging! Why does it matter?

  Pizza Packaging

 Pizza Packaging! Why does it matter?

Pizza – the word immediately rings a bell of a happy scrumptious food memory. Everybody likes pizza. It is popular in different parts of the world. There is no doubt that pizza needs no advertising or popularity stunts, because everyone loves pizzas. But as the tagline goes, it is the packaging that delivers! Even if you have the best pizzas in town, make sure they are packed well in order to reach out to the customers.

This is a rather pertinent question. Why is pizza packaging so important! It is human nature to be attracted to things that are a little different from the rest. If your pizzas are packed in interesting boxes, they will surely fetch you more business. Different bright hues reach out to people. Also graphics and other such ideas go a long way in giving that final touch to the pizza. That deals with the aesthetics of pizza packaging.

A lot of pizzeria owners tend to believe that the pizza container is after all just “a box” and why work so much behind the cardboard box when you can actually concentrate on the pizza! It is true that the pizza quality matters. But scientific research clearly indicates to us that customers’ perception is influenced by packaging. If pizzerias had to place their pizza for sale in retail based packaging they would think differently.

If you still wonder how important pizza packaging is, let us go through some stats. For every pizza that is delivered home from the store or every pizza that is purchased as takeout, on an average, 3 persons come in contact with the packaging box. That would mean a pizzeria selling around 50,000 pizzas annually on an average will have 150,000 customer contacts per year with the packaging box.

Moreover, each customer that receives a pizza spends around 45 minutes interacting with the pizza. This time would mean viewing the box, feeling it and moving it around. So what do we get from here? For a pizzeria selling 50,000 pizzas annually, the packaging box spends 6,750,000 minutes (112,500 hours) of customer contact time per year. If that is not significant enough, who knows what is!

On the other hand, packaging becomes important in keeping the cheesy Italian bread fresh while delivering to the customers. The material of the pizza box made by Roshan Packages has the ability to keep the pizza warm inside and most importantly delivers the pizza to the customer in the same way as it was collected from the store is essential.

So, pizza packaging is not only important for advertising and customer interaction purposes, but also looks after the health of the food that is being delivered.

Contact Roshan Packages for Best Quality, Food Graded pizza boxes customized to your needs. Available in different quality combinations. Our pizza boxes are not comparable to anyone in terms of quality as they are manufactured in a BHS Corrugator, which is only one of its kind in Pakistan. It has the ability to produce boxes which are Food Graded, lock moisture and heat unlike many low quality pizza boxes.

Visit Now:

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UET Students Visit Roshan Packages Flexible Plant


UET Students Visit Roshan Packages Flexible Plant

“The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience” – Albert Einstein

The role of any organization should not just be to earn money but also to give back to the society, especially the future generations. And we can only do that by transferring practical experience as well as knowledge to the next gen. A group of 38 students of M.Phil. in Food Science and Applied Chemistry visited Roshan Packages Flexible unit this week from the University of Engineering and Technology. The basic idea of the visit was to deliver practical knowledge to the students regarding flexible packaging manufacturing and its standard parameters. Roshan Packages flexible plant manufactures wrappings and films for products such as personal care, snacks, shampoo, confectionary, pharmaceuticals, detergents, processed food, oil and ghee, ice cream and dairy to water and beverage industry.

Students were welcomed along with their lecturer Dr. Sobia by Roshan Team Mr. Waseem, Mr. Huzaifa and Ms. Maryam Zulfiqar. They were given brief instructions regarding safety & measures that are strictly complied within the plant premises. After that the students were directed towards mess area where they were shown the brief introductory video about Roshan Packages history and the processes that are being carried out at Roshan Packages flexible plant. At the end of the video, students enthusiastically asked some technical questions which were answered by the Quality Control expert Mr. Abdul Rehman. Food Safety Instructions were also given by Sr. Executive Quality Assurance team Mr. M. Huzaifa. After the engaging Question & Answer session students were served refreshments after which they were taken for the visit to production areas. All the queries from students were answered side by side to satiate their curiously which was peaked during the whole visit. Following a scrumptious lunch, students were presented souvenirs along with the Certificate of Appreciation from Roshan Team.

Quality Control expert Mr. Abdul Rehman demonstrated the significance of such visits and internships as these activities serve as a bridge between student’s academics and their professional career. Students were very excited after visiting Roshan Packages and showed interest in doing Research & Development in packaging industry along with Technical experts of Roshan Team.

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Roshan Packages holds Cricket Extravaganza


 Roshan Packages holds Cricket Extravaganza

Research suggests that organizations that invest into their people sets themselves above the competition as they are able to help employees relate with the organization’s goals and find a common ground. Cricket extravaganza was organized by Roshan Packages Ltd, as part of their employee engagement strategy and as an effort to provide a relaxing day to employees. The event was held at Model Town Greens Cricket Club with participation of three teams: Corrugation kings, Roshan Falcons, Roshan Tigers.

While inaugurating the ceremony Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi, CEO Roshan Packages said: “We have consistently proven our credibility through valuing our resources, we strongly believe that process of value addition to the products we sell starts from our very own people.”-PR

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Flexible Packaging Global Industry : Future Outlook


Flexible Packaging Global Industry : Future Outlook


2017 was a strong year for the global flexible packaging industry. While all the segments in the flexible packaging industry experienced the growth, the segment of flexible pouches stood out for which the growth rate was 7.9% globally. According to a poll conducted by the Flexible Packaging Association, 83% of all brand owners use flexible packaging of some sort, while 26% of the brands have been using it for the past 5 years and in the next 5 years, 31% would be increasing their use of flexible packaging.

That is a great news for the flexible packaging industry but an even better news depicted by the poll is that the rigid packaging is being replaced at an increasing rate because of lower cost of flexible packaging production. Another main reason which was described for the increased conversion to flexible packaging in 2017 was the consumer appeal.


Poll Results of FPA Survey

According to 2018 Packaging Outlook Report featured in Packaging Strategies news, the trend towards digital printing and flexible packaging is ever increasing which is stimulating the increased mergers and acquisitions. Also the fastest growing segment of flexible packaging is identified to be the stand-up pouch which has the estimated growth rate of 7 to 9% up till 2023.

There are numerous reasons why the pouches have been increasingly popular recently. Companies increasingly focus on providing products which solve the consumer’s problem. Packaging is the first thing that the consumer comes across. In case of rigid packaging, it is harder to open, hard to use and hard to dispose off. As for the flexible packaging, especially pouches, they are convenient, easy to open, lightweight and reseal-able. Another great feature is the product visibility in such pouches which does not leave any ambiguity in terms of what is inside the packaging.

2017 saw a number of flexible packaging innovations. One of the award winner is a pouch made by Flex Films for freshly cut flowers which keeps the flowers fresh during transport, using a special film which allows the package to breathe. Another new packaging was made by a company ConAgra’s Hunt which made 2 teaspoon portion sized pouches for tomato paste for home use which is actually convenient and brilliant as there is no danger of product going foul when the quantity is roughly around what is used.

Another reason for flexible packaging’s increasing popularity and growth rate in the coming years is the industry trends which this type of packaging addresses. Firstly flexible packaging is used for fresh produce of fruits, vegetables and dairy products to increase their shelf life so as a result there is less food wastage. Secondly as the E commerce industry is booming, it requires shipment to be of lesser weight, a purpose which the flexible packaging fulfills in a better way. Thirdly, the level of consumer knowledge of Millennials is high helped by the technology, due to which they prefer brands who follow the trends. The bright graphics or transparent pouches show exactly what the product is about and convey the brand‘s message.

Pouches for soups, sauces, baby food, nuts and fruit juices have been around lately but some of the recent pouched products include pickles, tomato paste, beans and yogurt.

So the predicted trends of flexible packaging are pivoted towards

  1. Lesser food waste
  2. Ecommerce brands converting to flexible packaging to reduce freight costs
  3. Brands wanting to give clearer messages through packaging and embracing minimalism.

Contact Roshan Packages Limited to find ways Flexible Packaging can address each of these trends for your organization.

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Do People Notice Details in Packaging?


Do People Notice Details in Packaging?

Do you wonder if your consumers notice the details in packaging before consuming the product? Usually embossed or engraved surfaces, geometrical shapes and silhouettes in packaging are some of the things that are added to make it look unique. Designing the packaging can be expensive so it’s better to have knowledge of some possible outcomes.

Simplicity vs. Creativity: What Sells?

Generally simplicity and creativity are seen as two separate worlds altogether with few exceptions. Some designers prefer a minimalist view of packaging, others think that packaging must show off the brand no matter how flashy or pompous it is. Both sides have some pros and cons which is why we conclude that there isn’t some general formula or a golden recipe for packaging that works. Some designs work and some do not.

So the question is, which designs do the trick? The answer is the same old predictable and hated phrase, “it depends!”. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

The first example is of a honey bottle of BeeLoved Company. The design, at first glance is really awe worthy. Polygon pattern of the bottle resembling the honeycomb seems very interesting, different and creative. But wait, when you think of it from the consumers’ perspective, one can’t decide whether to laugh or be frustrated. When you look at the practicality of it, how can one devour each and every drop of the honey from the nooks and corners of the geometrical bottle? A lot of it would be left on those corners inside, making it impossible to retrieve the remnants and leaving the consumer frustrated at the waste.

The second example is of a juice Company producing natural juices. They came up with a fantastic idea when they made their juice bottle shaped like a bulb, resonating their slogan “the juice that makes you glow”. It also includes minimal labeling and is practical unlike in the honey bottle case above.


Another example is of teabag hangers, a packaging design which is extremely cute. However this design can be a huge headache for the logistics and production department. Each teabag is in such a shape that it looks like a t-shirt hanging from a hanger. The design is no doubt creative, but unlike the usual tea bags, this would cost more in terms of material. Also it is a nightmare from the logistics point of view.


So what do we learn from this? That some of the most creative and pretty looking packaging might not be practical and may cause frustration instead of satisfaction for the consumer. Simple and smart solutions are better which are also practical as well. Avoid making a trade off between creativity and practicality. Look for a smart way to cater both. A simple minimalist carton box leaves a lot of space to be creative. A ribbon can be added or text style can be played with.

For more information on how Roshan Packages manufactures innovative packaging, click here.


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What if we tell you that this ridiculous and useless packaging would leave you speechless?

What if we tell you that this ridiculous and useless packaging would leave you speechless?

Seemingly some companies don’t tend to take a hint even when the consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that environment matters. Luckily, through the power of social media, people don’t keep quiet. People share it in a humorous way which lets the others ponder over the matter seriously. We are talking specifically about useless packaging here, which has been used by some corporations.

Starting off with fruit items which are usually thought of as products which do not need packaging as they are naturally packaged but there are some companies who think otherwise. Let’s take a look at how.

  1. Bananas

Everyone knows that bananas come in a protective, handy and environmentally friendly peel naturally. A crate or box of fruits was enough to display the bananas, but this company had other ideas


  1. Coconuts

Coconuts are so hard to crack naturally due to its protective shell but this company thought they needed some extra packaging for protection.

  1. Jelly Beans

We all love jellies! Who doesn’t? But who can handle all this wrapping for every individual jelly bean! That’s just cruel and frustrating, needless to say wasteful and useless as well.

  1. Canned Coke

Wow would you look at that? This retailer has managed to pack every tin can of coke in individual packing. Not in packs of 6 or 12, but individually. Let that sink in!

  1. Knife

It’s common to use protective packaging when it comes to sharp objects so that the customer does not get hurt, but look at this company going overboard with it. All this extra plastic, such a waste.

  1. Pill

So let us get this straight. This company wrapped one pill in 3 different sized packets. It looks like they intended for us to play hide and seek with it. This allergy pill might make the consumer even more allergic – to useless packaging.

  1. Bubble-wrap

Who says bubble wrap is for protection? Not if it needs protective air cushions for protection for itself.

  1. Electronics component

Well it is hard to see the actual product inside too much packaging. That big of a pouch for such a tiny component? Well done!

  1. No Disk needed

To be honest we are speechless at this one particularly. What kind of a company would actually think of this, produce it and distribute it? Yes it is funny but what of all the waste of money, resources and plastic? Couldn’t this company advertise the free software online?

  1. Hand-lotion

When the consumers thought they were getting a hand lotion for protections of hands, we assure you they did not know they would get this level of protection.

So concluding this set of useless yet humorous product packaging fails, we need to think about the practicality of the packaging and our environment. We should no longer support this type of unnecessary packaging and think of solutions which best suit the product at hand as well as the environment.

Get rid of ridiculous and unnecessary packaging. Visit Roshan Packages website to find out how we can provide you with innovative and customized packaging which is right for your product.

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“Election 2018: In My Point Of View” by Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi

“Election 2018: In My Point Of View” by Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi

“Election 2018: In My Point Of View” by Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi

Although, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf) with their unflagging hardwork and struggle of 22 years got the fruitful result by marking their victory in the selections of Election 2018 with a prominent majority of votes, still this win has yet to cross many more levels. The new government’s great victory totally destroyed the outdated thinking under which in the previous ten decades only few manipulated political personalities were in power and the people surrounded with despondency were yearning for any new good news or a positive change.
The world witnessed that on the great victory of democracy in Pakistan, not only people residing in Pakistan but also abroad living-ones of the beloved country too expressed their glee with open hearts by making enthusiastic slogans on the roads of many big cities including London and Toronto. This scintillating environment has refreshed the celebrating moments of the following in minds of people:
1. Tayyab Erdogan’s present Commemoration of Success.
2. The honorable moments of welcoming the France Team in World Cup FIFA 2018.
It is also being said that Imran Khan’s victory resembles with the Trump’s one which however became the reason for many big changes in The United States of America. So, now some new changes are also expected by the people in their Beloved Country.
Before the Oath-taking ceremony itself, Imran Khan on 26th of July put forth before the people a pleasant agenda based on hundred days in his speech which was telecasted live. The speech proved itself to be voice of the hearts of every patriot, which made the snakes coiled up in fear vanished from the fearful and frightened hearts of the people. After listening to the words of The Captain carrying humility, softness and intentions full of determination in them, a wish along the pray came out from the heart that may this become reality.
The truth is infact, that the country’s situation is not so enthralling that can make us completely meld into the intoxication of victory. The insistence of time is that now instead of just preaching or making promises, the government should immediately step into the practical world and give this success of theirs, A True Meaning. It’s a famous say that maintaining a dignified success is way more important than achieving it. In such situations, it is our duty that the load of all responsibilities should not be imposed on Government only. The people desiring for a nice politician would also have to light the flame of their share. Keeping the truthfulness of Like people’ like ruler infront of us, if we want to see the newly Elected Government successful then first of all we have to step-forward in order to help it by taking advantage of this golden opportunity provided to us by The Destiny itself.
The abroad settled people of Pakistan who wants to see their country successful yet prefer themselves to stay out of Pakistan should consider to keep forth the example of Turkey belonger ‘ German World known footballer “Mesut Özil ” in front of them who previously had scored a lot of goals for Germany in 2018 FIFA World Cup but a mere defeat made him stand in the dock of a severe criticism. He realized the importance of his country and also realized that one’s country is a One’s country.
We would have to stand shoulder to shoulder with Government and travel along them in this journey with holding on to the extreme act of aspiration and forbearance. The people of the country settled in abroad should imbue in their country by putting use to their all adroitness and forte. Just like this, the Germany settled Turkish, although made money abroad yet worked and invested only in their own country. And now in Today’s World, the tremendous evolution of Turkey is quite enviable. Up till now, the complications of the country are such hands-hitched knots which can only be sorted or open up with the help of sharp teeth.
In his speech, Imran Khan not only spoke on the current occuring issues of the beloved country but by taking The People in confidence also put forth before them very exhilarating upcoming points for the solution of them in a very coaxing way, some important affairs among them were: On not staying in PM House, declining unnecessary protocol, representing the emblem of simplicity while giving the example of The First Caliph, a complete denial from opulence and needless expenditures on the surveys of both inside and outside of country, the decision to commercialize all Governor Houses for the sake of income, wealth creation, absolute help of farmers, the opportunities of employment for the youngsters, human development, a change in foreign policy on a large scale, hope on developing better relations with neighbouring countries including India’ as well as providing them a proposal from Pakistan to have a table talk on Kashmir Cause, having relations with America on equal level. On practically acting upon these points, Pakistan can definitely be brought on the 1st number on the list of Developed Countries.
Specifically, a prominent and finer change in the system of Tax, furthermore the forethought on expenditure of Public money of Tax on the public itself detains the power to take beloved country to the elevation of skies. Their say was that the reason, The People of Pakistan always hesitated in giving Tax even after Pakistan being The World’s fifth biggest country to give charity was because they knew that their money would not be splurge on betterment of Public or domestic development of the country.
Readers may remember that the writer raised and signified this point only in the digest of April, 2018 that how the Pakistani Investors, feeling compelled from this incivility system has to make all of their investments overseas where they are approached in a nick of time. Writer also manifestly mentioned those corrupt Government Officers who snavel electricity, gas and tax to boost their business and by functioning their bribery wheels, gets the approval on their files’ thus exporting money overseas.
Imran Khan not only constantly vocalized on developing more stronger relations with China while committing the termination of Corruption but also expressed a desire to assimilate from China in a lot of affairs like ascension of seventy million poorers in thirty years and also to get their hands on four hundred Corrupt Ministers in four years by having a thorough control on diabolic like corruption.
They also arose one more important point on which writer has already expressed over his anxiousness. Means, the amalgamation of Muslim Countries’ by which not only all enemy forces of Muslims will get blatant answer but by such happenings, Islamic World can also pull-through with this slump gradually. According to them, Pakistan has to become efficient enough to portray the role of arbitrator in The Middle East, so that the relations of the Muslim Countries become better, stronger and undefeatable.
The most important perceptible issue of the oration was to make a poverty-stricken class respectable citizens of the country who the are obliged to live the life below the poverty line, providing the education in schools to the 2.5 million precious assets of our nation i.e. The Children and tenaciously orated to make them hospitable citizens of The Society.
Reader! You will read a thorough documentation in the current digest about the way of living, setbacks and deprivation of this pitiable class of The Beloved Country. These homeless, option less and oppressed Hogan’s living people are enforced to live the life of slaves chained in the hasps of poverty even after 71 years of freedom of our beloved country.
If Imran Khan intents to give a better, admirable and respectable life to menials, children, poor class and oppressed people then he would have to listen the painful screams of this class as well and also has to pay heed to their call of mourns, who have only one single question from The New Government:
” When will we get freedom from troubles, homelessness, unemployment, door-to-door desertion and living a life of refugees in our own Country? “