banana leaves packaging
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All You Need to Know About Banana Leaves Packaging


banana leaves packaging

All You Need to Know About Banana Leaves Packaging

An old Nigerian Proverb says, “An old banana leaf was once young and green.” As they get older, they might look wrinkled and shriveled, but the truth is a banana leaf is a big, lush green leaf when young that is used in banana leaves packaging. It is thick, glossy and attractive and can be found in many countries around the world. Not only can you use it in many ways, but it is even beautiful enough to look at. But this article is not going to focus on the outer look of a banana leaf, instead will be focusing on a recent trend in Eco-friendly packaging design that was observed in Asia, and excited everyone!

In the current year of 2019, where everybody is now extremely focused on climate change and ways to help heal mother earth. We have destroyed nature for years, and to the point that some damages are irreversible.

Now, when we are seeing visible effects of what we have done, we have begun to collectively think about reversing some of the damages or trying to stop causing more. Many people are taking solid steps to try and help in this cause. 

As many other industries, packaging industry has also been seeing a huge trend and rise in use of sustainable products rather than the traditional plastic materials.

The reason is to reduce overall cost and to avoid using plastic. Do you know how many years does it take for one plastic to decompose? How harmful it can be for oceans and seas, and aquatic life?

Therefore, a lot of businesses have started to put thought into replacing your usual with something unique and useful. 

For many people and brands, the mere thought of substituting something creative is fun and exciting. Even big companies like Forbes are ready to join this movement.

In reality, we are going back to our routes by using leaves as our packaging materials. Now that the companies are implementing this old tradition, they are seeing a lot of successful results. 

Using Banana leaves for Custom Packaging: 

If we compare banana leaves with any other material, we will see that they are clean, firm and water tight. One big factor to note is that Bananas are one of the biggest crops in the whole word, so they are easily available all year around. In ancient culture, they were used for storing a lot of things. These thick leaves which have the ability to hold a lot of water and moisture inside them do not degrade so easily, so they are good enough to save any type of food items. 

This also means that a lot of cultures and countries will actually not find it something so different to use and will easily adapt and switch to it. When you introduce something different, it takes a lot of effort to make sure it is accepted readily by the locals and used also. 

If you compare the cost of plastic to typical banana leaves, you will find that banana leaves are actually much more cheaper in price. Plus, it tropical climates it is quite easily available and you can easily find the desired quantity and amount of it.

In other parts of the world, where the climate is temperate, the bananas might be harder to find and this option may become a little more expensive.

Nevertheless, if you do not have banana leaves option, you can definitely use any recyclable or earth-friendly option which is better than using plastics. 

If you see the history, you will see that banana leaves have been using continuously throughout it in many ways. In regions like Mexico, a lot of items were wrapped in banana leaves.

Hawaii locals also use it to roast pigs so that the pigs can be protected from the hot rocks of lava. In Southeast Asia, they are used very commonly to store a local delicacy that is called sticky rice. Hence they can be seen commonly used in Thailand also. 

A few advantages of using Banana Leaves: 

As more and more companies are becoming aware of the products they are using and what role are they playing for the earth, they are moving away from using plastics in everything. Especially in packaging, where plastic play a vital role, they are now replacing them with biodegradable packaging.

We know that banana leaves are easily available and 100% sustainable. As soon as you throw it away, it starts to discard on its own and actually serves as a fertilizer for the soil. Some other benefits include: 

  1. They are cheap enough to buy. In tropical climates bananas are readily available and grow everywhere. In other countries, they might be scarce, but still cheaper. They can grow easily and continuously grow on the existing plant. You can easily grab from any tree you like and use them.
  2. Their size is big enough to hold and contain any type of item. Even if you want to wrap any bigger food item, that can be done. They can easily be wrapped to contain the item inside. 
  3. It is extremely easy to clean them since they are water-proof. They cannot be damaged by moisture and can be cleaned easily. If you use any other leaves, it will actually be damaged while cleaning and end up becoming non-usable. This is a good point as this makes banana leaves hygiene friendly. 
  4. They also look pretty. Banana leaves have a lush green colour which they can easily retain to make them look super fresh even if they are cut out of the tree since many days. 
  5. Banana leaves can easily degrade and become natural compost. You do not need to treat it before throwing it off, so it becomes easier to discard it. After sometime it actually starts to become natural fertilizer for the soil. 
  6. The best part is that these leaves are naturally available and do not need any sort of chemical enhancement or treatment. If you simply clean it, they will start looking glossy and healthy. Some leaves require a layer of wax to look fresh and shiny. This is beneficial for people who are looking for something organic and untreated, as it poses no side effects on health as well. 

They are also light in weight, look attractive and healthy. People who are not fine with using plastics can easily replace it with using biodegradable items, as no chemical or by-product will travel into the food as it is a natural item.

Some Other Eco-Friendly Options to Consider: 

So far we have concluded how important and beneficial banana leaves can be to pack your food items. As many countries around the globe are starting to ban plastics, companies are trying to work on creating and finding more alternatives that are beneficial. Some other items that you can use instead of leaves include: 

  1. Paper packing: sustainable paper are products which can also be used for packing instead of plastics. Initially plastic was created to take some load off the paper industry, but now more companies are using paper as it has proved to be a better option for the earth. 
  2. Reusable packing: A lot of packaging items are disposable which means they are thrown after use. Instead of that, companies have started to invest into packaging that can be reused. The biggest benefit of such products is that they require only one time investment. You need to buy this type of packing once only. Companies can also offer incentives like discounts on returning with a reusable item, so that the cycle can stay intact. 
  3. Bamboo packing: Bamboo is one crop that grows very fast and is also earth friendly. It is a type of grass that is commonly found, and grows much faster than trees.. It is used to pack any type of material easily, used as alternative as well.


Globally, we can see a huge waste problem. Companies and government need to do something about it on a much bigger scale now. A lot of countries are taking serious precautions against it. You need to make valid changes which can be practiced efficiently to help play a part in making big changes. Packaging industry also needs a big makeover as they are one of the biggest industries which use a lot of plastic on a daily basis. 

This article focused on introducing a new aspect of packaging – using leaves as a material. The best part is that these items are being used traditionally in many countries around the world. So, there will be an easier conversion to it as many people already implement it. These banana leaves are easily found worldwide, they are cheaper than your usual plastic, and also look attractive. They are also natural products so there is less harm to the food. All in all, it is one of the best alternatives you can use. 




why-is-product-packaging-important-for business
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Why is product packaging important for business

why-is-product-packaging-important-for business

Why is product packaging important for business

You must be wondering, why so much pressure is put on choosing the best packing nowadays? The reason is that your packaging is the first thing that comes in contact with the customer and your first shot at creating an everlasting impression as well. Use it well. Business and brands have actually started to take it so seriously, that they have been investing their money and time and making special creative teams for the designing of the packing only!

Whether you are making a pizza box or a simple carton, your product packaging is extremely important. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Your packing will speak to the customer way before the product. It is the outermost layer of your brand. When a parcel arrives at the customer’s house, they will open it up and see the product first. How it is packaged and represented matters a lot. For example, your fruit packaging is done by using extremely low-quality carton, then not only will the fruit be rotten, but the customer will also feel upset and might never trust your business again.
  • Good packaging is like your brand’s voice. Its themes, ideas, colours, and texts say a lot about your brand. It guides on things like your brand’s target audience, its goal, its vision and philosophy and even future prospects. If your brand uses sustainable packing then it will be labelled as an aware and earth-friendly brand. Not only will that gain you respect amongst the masses, but everybody will also appreciate how much you think about the environment too.
  • It is a cheap and effective way to market your product and boost your sales. For example, many popular makeup companies often launch collections with a specific theme and packaging idea. This helps them to market their product better by promoting their brand’s idea and name. When they go to buy your product, they might not remember your company’s name, but they will always remember the tube design, the way the bottle was represented or the colour scheme of that collection. It helps to increase your sales and market your product to the audience.
  • Your packaging is also the thing which sets you apart from other competitors and brands with the same niche. Again, what difference does your mascara and XYZ brand’s mascara may have? The packaging of the tube. Yours might be more effective to use, or even by funkier and looks better. While the other brand may not have worked hard at it and not gathered that much attention for their product.
  • Your packaging will always be a symbolic representation of your business and consumers will remember it. For example, we always remember the classic colour scheme of beverage companies like Pepsi or Coca Cola. Even through the years they have changed and upgraded their packing but stayed the same with their colour scheme. With just their colours we can recognize from far away that it is the same brand! That is the power of packaging.
house shifting boxes
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Tips to Properly Pack & Unpack House Shifting Items in Boxes

house shifting boxes

Tips to Properly Pack & Unpack House Shifting Items in Boxes

Making a move can always be a very difficult phase of life. Not only do you leave behind memories, but also you have to start a new life from scratch. When it comes to house shifting, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you with Packing and unpacking. We will share a few ways to make this part of life easier and clutter free.


  • How to Properly Pack House Shifting Items in boxes: 
  1. Plan everything beforehand – before you start shifting and putting items in boxes, plan how many boxes you require, whether you need Corrugated cartons for house shifting or simple cartons, how much time do you have for the process, and from where to begin. Doing things haphazardly will always make it more difficult. 
  2. Start packing from one room then the other. Make sure to throw away things you don’t need and do not collect useless items and stay clutter free. 
  3. Properly label each box to avoid any sort of confusion at the end. This will make it easier for you to classify. 
  4. Use proper packing materials depending on the item. You can go through various options of House Shifting boxes by Roshpack and select according to the size and dimension required. 
  5. First put heavier items and then lighter items at the top. Do not overfill and make sure that each box is not so heavy that it cannot be transported. 
  6. Use bubble wrap to protect your fragile items. Label fragile carefully on each of such boxes. 
  7. Classify one type of item in each box. For example, toiletries or bathroom items and frames and pictures should be packed separately.


  • Properly Unpack House Shifting Items: 

Now that you have completed your move, it is time to open each box one by one and settle into the new place:

  1. Open the necessary items first. Like kitchen and bathroom items are needed first so open those boxes first. Kitchen is the most important part of the house, so settle down a few plates and crockery, and food items should be kept in place since they can go bad easily. 
  2. Properly assemble and line up your furniture so that you will not damage the heavier items. It will also help you to visualize your home. 
  3. Keep fragile items safe and open them up carefully so that they do not break. Remove them from wrapping and check whether any damage is done or not. 
  4. When starting with bedrooms, open boxes one at a time. First hang stuff in the closet, and assemble furniture. Then start with the rest. 
  5. You can also assign boxes to each family member and let them unpack and settle their own belongings. 
  6. Once you have unpacked the necessary items, take it slow. You cannot unpack and set the whole house in a single day. 
  7. While unpacking, open each box carefully, especially the ones with corrugated sheets. These boxes are very valuable and can easily be reused again in the future. 


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What Can Environmentally Friendly Packaging Do For Businesses?



In today’s digital age, businesses are trying to attract consumers towards their products through all kinds of advertising. From television and newspaper adverts to social media campaigns and event sponsorship, every business is trying to maximize its reach by using every kind of medium available at its disposal.

Internet and computers didn’t just start the digital era though; they also started the era of social awareness. Today, everyone is quite aware of problems like global warming and climate change and, everyone is trying to play their role in stopping these life-threatening global issues.

In a recent survey, conducted by a well-respected research firm, it was found that not only does the average citizen wants to play a bigger role in fighting climate change but they also want to see businesses and corporations do the same too. Nearly 80% of the population wants to see businesses play a bigger role in our fight against global warming.

How can businesses step up?

A lot of big corporations have made it their mission to fight global warming and majority of them are trying to achieve the carbon-neutral status as soon as possible.

There are quite a few ways through which businesses around the world are fighting global warming. Here are some of the most prominent; generating electricity through renewable energy sources for their offices, banning or limiting the use of plastic, kick starting plantation drives and even trying to suck out carbon from the air.

Two other great way for businesses to be environmentally-friendly is by going paperless and only using cartons & custom boxes that are made out of recycled materials and can be recycled again.

Using recycled cartons is good for your business

As we mentioned earlier, thanks to the internet, people are a lot more socially aware these days. Today, people notice which businesses are employing environmentally-friendly policies and then people show their appreciation and support for such businesses by buying more from them and always coming back to them in future.

Needless to say, using environmentally-friendly packaging can earn you loyal customers and that will help build brand image and increase sales simultaneously.

Environmentally-friendly packaging can help reduce your costs

Recycling carton boxes is one of the cheapest and easiest recycling processes and this is why recycled (and eco-friendly!) packaging is so cheap and common these days. By replacing your products’ plastic packaging with eco-friendly cartons, not only will your business earn customers’ respect but it will also be able to reduce its costs (and help save the planet at the same time).

The thing about carton boxes is that they come in standard sizes and if the product that’s being packed is small, companies usually fill the gap an extra piece of corrugated packaging. The good news is that almost all big businesses offer custom-built boxes and cartons.

Today, almost all big and smart businesses are going for custom boxes because it allows them to pack their products in beautiful-looking and nicely-fitting boxes while doing their bit for the environment.

Pizza Packaging
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Pizza Packaging! Why does it matter?

  Pizza Packaging

 Pizza Packaging! Why does it matter?

Pizza – the word immediately rings a bell of a happy scrumptious food memory. Everybody likes pizza. It is popular in different parts of the world. There is no doubt that pizza needs no advertising or popularity stunts, because everyone loves pizzas. But as the tagline goes, it is the packaging that delivers! Even if you have the best pizzas in town, make sure they are packed well in order to reach out to the customers.

This is a rather pertinent question. Why is pizza packaging so important! It is human nature to be attracted to things that are a little different from the rest. If your pizzas are packed in interesting boxes, they will surely fetch you more business. Different bright hues reach out to people. Also graphics and other such ideas go a long way in giving that final touch to the pizza. That deals with the aesthetics of pizza packaging.

A lot of pizzeria owners tend to believe that the pizza container is after all just “a box” and why work so much behind the cardboard box when you can actually concentrate on the pizza! It is true that the pizza quality matters. But scientific research clearly indicates to us that customers’ perception is influenced by packaging. If pizzerias had to place their pizza for sale in retail based packaging they would think differently.

If you still wonder how important pizza packaging is, let us go through some stats. For every pizza that is delivered home from the store or every pizza that is purchased as takeout, on an average, 3 persons come in contact with the packaging box. That would mean a pizzeria selling around 50,000 pizzas annually on an average will have 150,000 customer contacts per year with the packaging box.

Moreover, each customer that receives a pizza spends around 45 minutes interacting with the pizza. This time would mean viewing the box, feeling it and moving it around. So what do we get from here? For a pizzeria selling 50,000 pizzas annually, the packaging box spends 6,750,000 minutes (112,500 hours) of customer contact time per year. If that is not significant enough, who knows what is!

On the other hand, packaging becomes important in keeping the cheesy Italian bread fresh while delivering to the customers. The material of the pizza box made by Roshan Packages has the ability to keep the pizza warm inside and most importantly delivers the pizza to the customer in the same way as it was collected from the store is essential.

So, pizza packaging is not only important for advertising and customer interaction purposes, but also looks after the health of the food that is being delivered.

Contact Roshan Packages for Best Quality, Food Graded pizza boxes customized to your needs. Available in different quality combinations. Our pizza boxes are not comparable to anyone in terms of quality as they are manufactured in a BHS Corrugator, which is only one of its kind in Pakistan. It has the ability to produce boxes which are Food Graded, lock moisture and heat unlike many low quality pizza boxes.

Visit Now:

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Roshan Packages holds Cricket Extravaganza


 Roshan Packages holds Cricket Extravaganza

Research suggests that organizations that invest into their people sets themselves above the competition as they are able to help employees relate with the organization’s goals and find a common ground. Cricket extravaganza was organized by Roshan Packages Ltd, as part of their employee engagement strategy and as an effort to provide a relaxing day to employees. The event was held at Model Town Greens Cricket Club with participation of three teams: Corrugation kings, Roshan Falcons, Roshan Tigers.

While inaugurating the ceremony Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi, CEO Roshan Packages said: “We have consistently proven our credibility through valuing our resources, we strongly believe that process of value addition to the products we sell starts from our very own people.”-PR

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“Election 2018: In My Point Of View” by Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi

“Election 2018: In My Point Of View” by Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi

“Election 2018: In My Point Of View” by Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi

Although, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf) with their unflagging hardwork and struggle of 22 years got the fruitful result by marking their victory in the selections of Election 2018 with a prominent majority of votes, still this win has yet to cross many more levels. The new government’s great victory totally destroyed the outdated thinking under which in the previous ten decades only few manipulated political personalities were in power and the people surrounded with despondency were yearning for any new good news or a positive change.
The world witnessed that on the great victory of democracy in Pakistan, not only people residing in Pakistan but also abroad living-ones of the beloved country too expressed their glee with open hearts by making enthusiastic slogans on the roads of many big cities including London and Toronto. This scintillating environment has refreshed the celebrating moments of the following in minds of people:
1. Tayyab Erdogan’s present Commemoration of Success.
2. The honorable moments of welcoming the France Team in World Cup FIFA 2018.
It is also being said that Imran Khan’s victory resembles with the Trump’s one which however became the reason for many big changes in The United States of America. So, now some new changes are also expected by the people in their Beloved Country.
Before the Oath-taking ceremony itself, Imran Khan on 26th of July put forth before the people a pleasant agenda based on hundred days in his speech which was telecasted live. The speech proved itself to be voice of the hearts of every patriot, which made the snakes coiled up in fear vanished from the fearful and frightened hearts of the people. After listening to the words of The Captain carrying humility, softness and intentions full of determination in them, a wish along the pray came out from the heart that may this become reality.
The truth is infact, that the country’s situation is not so enthralling that can make us completely meld into the intoxication of victory. The insistence of time is that now instead of just preaching or making promises, the government should immediately step into the practical world and give this success of theirs, A True Meaning. It’s a famous say that maintaining a dignified success is way more important than achieving it. In such situations, it is our duty that the load of all responsibilities should not be imposed on Government only. The people desiring for a nice politician would also have to light the flame of their share. Keeping the truthfulness of Like people’ like ruler infront of us, if we want to see the newly Elected Government successful then first of all we have to step-forward in order to help it by taking advantage of this golden opportunity provided to us by The Destiny itself.
The abroad settled people of Pakistan who wants to see their country successful yet prefer themselves to stay out of Pakistan should consider to keep forth the example of Turkey belonger ‘ German World known footballer “Mesut Özil ” in front of them who previously had scored a lot of goals for Germany in 2018 FIFA World Cup but a mere defeat made him stand in the dock of a severe criticism. He realized the importance of his country and also realized that one’s country is a One’s country.
We would have to stand shoulder to shoulder with Government and travel along them in this journey with holding on to the extreme act of aspiration and forbearance. The people of the country settled in abroad should imbue in their country by putting use to their all adroitness and forte. Just like this, the Germany settled Turkish, although made money abroad yet worked and invested only in their own country. And now in Today’s World, the tremendous evolution of Turkey is quite enviable. Up till now, the complications of the country are such hands-hitched knots which can only be sorted or open up with the help of sharp teeth.
In his speech, Imran Khan not only spoke on the current occuring issues of the beloved country but by taking The People in confidence also put forth before them very exhilarating upcoming points for the solution of them in a very coaxing way, some important affairs among them were: On not staying in PM House, declining unnecessary protocol, representing the emblem of simplicity while giving the example of The First Caliph, a complete denial from opulence and needless expenditures on the surveys of both inside and outside of country, the decision to commercialize all Governor Houses for the sake of income, wealth creation, absolute help of farmers, the opportunities of employment for the youngsters, human development, a change in foreign policy on a large scale, hope on developing better relations with neighbouring countries including India’ as well as providing them a proposal from Pakistan to have a table talk on Kashmir Cause, having relations with America on equal level. On practically acting upon these points, Pakistan can definitely be brought on the 1st number on the list of Developed Countries.
Specifically, a prominent and finer change in the system of Tax, furthermore the forethought on expenditure of Public money of Tax on the public itself detains the power to take beloved country to the elevation of skies. Their say was that the reason, The People of Pakistan always hesitated in giving Tax even after Pakistan being The World’s fifth biggest country to give charity was because they knew that their money would not be splurge on betterment of Public or domestic development of the country.
Readers may remember that the writer raised and signified this point only in the digest of April, 2018 that how the Pakistani Investors, feeling compelled from this incivility system has to make all of their investments overseas where they are approached in a nick of time. Writer also manifestly mentioned those corrupt Government Officers who snavel electricity, gas and tax to boost their business and by functioning their bribery wheels, gets the approval on their files’ thus exporting money overseas.
Imran Khan not only constantly vocalized on developing more stronger relations with China while committing the termination of Corruption but also expressed a desire to assimilate from China in a lot of affairs like ascension of seventy million poorers in thirty years and also to get their hands on four hundred Corrupt Ministers in four years by having a thorough control on diabolic like corruption.
They also arose one more important point on which writer has already expressed over his anxiousness. Means, the amalgamation of Muslim Countries’ by which not only all enemy forces of Muslims will get blatant answer but by such happenings, Islamic World can also pull-through with this slump gradually. According to them, Pakistan has to become efficient enough to portray the role of arbitrator in The Middle East, so that the relations of the Muslim Countries become better, stronger and undefeatable.
The most important perceptible issue of the oration was to make a poverty-stricken class respectable citizens of the country who the are obliged to live the life below the poverty line, providing the education in schools to the 2.5 million precious assets of our nation i.e. The Children and tenaciously orated to make them hospitable citizens of The Society.
Reader! You will read a thorough documentation in the current digest about the way of living, setbacks and deprivation of this pitiable class of The Beloved Country. These homeless, option less and oppressed Hogan’s living people are enforced to live the life of slaves chained in the hasps of poverty even after 71 years of freedom of our beloved country.
If Imran Khan intents to give a better, admirable and respectable life to menials, children, poor class and oppressed people then he would have to listen the painful screams of this class as well and also has to pay heed to their call of mourns, who have only one single question from The New Government:
” When will we get freedom from troubles, homelessness, unemployment, door-to-door desertion and living a life of refugees in our own Country? “
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Research confirms temperature in Corrugation Packaging process kills bacteria!


Research confirms temperature in Corrugation Packaging process kills bacteria!

Foodborne illness is an issue which has been an increasing cause for concern in Pakistan for a decade now. Deadly outbreaks and diseases make headlines every now and then. Very often, these kinds of infections can be linked back to foul or contaminated food products especially fresh produce. A lot of strain has been put in locating exactly at what step of the process, these bacteria multiply along the way to store shelves. This calls for immediate attention of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) towards all of the relevant parties involved in the food supply chain including food packaging companies as well as producers and retailers.

Food packagers are only one piece of the puzzle in this scenario which needed to be assessed for the capacity to contaminate the food. But here’s the thing, packaging which is used for one time and is in corrugated material is more hygienic and safer way to go about it and research is sufficient to prove this. It has been proven that the manufacturing process of corrugated packaging is capable of destroying common food pathogens.

Maryann Sanders who is a Senior Regulatory Specialist and microbiologist at Haley & Aldrich Inc. directed NSF International (Michigan, US) to carry out a research recently, sponsored by Corrugated Packaging Alliance, in which they analyzed both time and temperature of an average corrugation packaging process which brings together sheets of smooth paper with a fluting (arched layer of paper) in the middle of the two sheets, to determine if the process is enough to fend off bacteria.

The research utilized two variables namely time and temperature the same as employed in the actual corrugation manufacturing process where the liner boards (sheets) heat up to 180 to 200 Fahrenheit (82 – 93 degrees Celsius). Under these conditions the sheets were contaminated with a plethora of thermo tolerant bacteria. Previously mentioned temperature was reached for a specific amount of time (typical of the corrugation process) and the results concluded 5 log (100,000 times) decrease in the organism level present on the corrugated sheets.

This recent study confirms what we already know for a long time that the process of corrugated sheets manufacturing kills off all the bacteria due to exposure of extreme temperatures and time duration used in it. Apart from this, studies conducted over the previous years from 2010 to 2015 using samples from 40 different paper and corrugated box manufacturing companies reveal similar results.

So this concludes that corrugated packaging is a safe way for products to be shipped and helps prevent any foodborne illnesses.