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Why Choose Our Corrugated Packaging?

Corrugated packaging by Roshan Packages Limited is the pressing material of decision for many brands and businesses in Pakistan. Its cutting edge development guarantees that the material can convey an extensive variety of weights, secures against moisture and gives feasible packaging solutions. Moreover, corrugated packaging by Roshan Packages Limited is profoundly adaptable and extremely cost effective. How about we dig somewhat more profound into the universe of corrugated packaging and discover what else we have in store from all packaging designer’s perspectives.

Here at Roshan Packages Limited corrugated packaging is produced using curved paper known as ‘fluting’. It’s a genuinely innovative solution that utilizes advanced computer design and manufacturing systems. It’s this outline that makes Roshan’s corrugated packaging the best choice for all packaging designers.

3 major advantages of corrugated packaging:


Corrugated packaging provides stable cushioning for all products, keeping all items fully protected during long distance deliveries and rough handling. In relation to the protection required for each product the thickness of the packaging may vary along with the size. Furthermore, corrugated packaging keeps moisture away which is perfect for food products that need to be delivered over long distances.

2. Customizability

This packaging can have multiple layers which give us the edge to add different coatings, treatments and adhesives and it can even become flame resistant. This packaging further allows you to fold in any size or shape and is even printable!

3.Cost effective and sustainability

Corrugated is the least expensive packaging available. It does not require high labor costs and/or expensive tools to deal with packaging. Furthermore, the best part is that corrugated packaging is also environmental friendly! It can be recycled. Are you ready to try corrugated packaging and corruagted cartons?

We, at Roshan Packages Limited, can provide efficient and economical solutions for all your packaging needs. For more information why not Get a Quote or call us on +92 42 35290734-8.


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