Corporate Social Responsibility

Precious Perspective!

When it comes to catering to the needs of every segment of our society, we plan to give back to the people and the friends of Roshan Group through our prestigious Social Responsibility programme. Our progressive outlook and outstanding status equip us with a great sense of responsibility towards our valued employees. Therefore, we engage in producing and applying policies that promote a working environment that upholds the highest standards of health, safety and equality. We hope to build a positive future which evolves from our present ethos. Roshan Group has a supportive line of initiatives and strict policy towards social matters that we do not support such as underage employment. We are subsequently affecting social change and industrial growth by being a prime example.

Environmental Policy:-

Roshan Group has a comprehensive policy that is in strict compliance with local and international environmental protocols, which aim to minimise the impact of our industrial processes on the environment.

Roshan Packages Limited has put great thought in replacing wooden boxes with high-quality recycled corrugated cartons. We aspire to be a socially responsible corporation through preserving our natural resources and contributing to a sustainable environment.

Roshan Sun Tao Paper Mills (Private) Limited, a dedicated and eco-friendly corrugated paper mill, are installing an international standard recycle-based paper manufacturing plant. Also the Roshan SunTao Paper Mills (Private) Limited will have a European standard effluent water treatment plant for efficient industrial waste management. This planning is in line with our Environmental policy and is based on the following parameters:

  • Encouraging reuse and recycling
  • Efficient use of materials and energy
  • Management of effluents, waste and byproducts
  • Incorporating the principles of sustainable development
  • Promoting awareness on environmental issues through research for developing eco-friendly products

Health & Safety:-

Roshan Group conforms to international practices to maintain an excellent work environment that ensures health and safety of its employees and visitors through:

  • Enforcing safe working practices, systems and procedures
  • Supplying appropriate information, instructions and training on work safety
  • Maintaining updated emergency procedures
  • Regularly updating health & safety policy

Gender Equality

Roshan Group is not only an equal opportunity employer, as we also have a comprehensive company policy that promotes gender equality and protects women’s fundamental rights through:

  • Providing equal employment opportunities
  • Offering equal on-job training opportunities
  • Ensuring equal remuneration status
  • Implementing equal career growth based on performance and merit
  • Offering special maternity and medical leave
  • Implementing workplace harassment measures

Training Programs for Farmers & Growers:-

Roshan Enterprises, an authentic market leader with nationwide presence, has been reaching out to farmers and growers particularly in conflict zones of Baluchistan and FATA. Our programmes equip farmers with specially devised skill development training focused on modern farming and packaging techniques, helping them increase the life expectancy of their products and gain higher yields. Ultimately our programme assists farmers reach optimum profitability and enjoy better living standards.

Supporting Positive Initiatives

Roshan Group is providing scholarships and financial assistance to high attaining and deserving students through Karwan-i-llm Foundation. We support Akhuwat Foundation, a civil society organisation engaged in poverty alleviation through interest-free microfinance programmes. Therefore, we are making crucial contributions in improving the socio-economic dynamics of Pakistan.

Alongside supporting these initiatives, Urdu Digest remains Roshan Group’s flagship contribution towards nurturing the moral and ethical values in society which is integral in building a more peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan.