Roshan Packages Limited’s Windmöller & Hölscher Extrusion Plant has technical expertise to develop top-quality Co-extruded blown Film using appropriate Polymer Layer to offer immaculate packaging solutions. Our Quality Labs are equipped with all the  latest testing equipments including WVTR – OTR test & Gaschromatograph to ensure strong Research and Development which enables us to specialize in 2 Layer, 3 Layer and 4 layer laminate structures.

Our Blown Films, produced from the finest quality Virgin Polymer Resins including, PE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, Metallocene, PP, Polyamide, EVOH, and EVA, can be used in various industries mainly Converters for Printing, Lamination, different Barrier Laminations etc.

Products-Coextruded Film:

  • Transparent, Colored or White Opaque Film for Printed Bags
  • White Opaque Film for Detergent Powder with High Moisture Barrier
  • Transparent Film for the Laminate of Rice, Flour, Lintels, Powders, Spices etc
  • High Oxygen Barrier Transparent Film with Nylon for Edible Oil, Cheese, Yeast etc
  • Very High Oxygen & Moisture Barrier Film with EVOH for UHT Milk, Processed Meat
  • Black and White Opaque Film for Pasteurized Milk and Courier Bags
  • Transparent and White Opaque Film for the Laminates of Hot Filling Liquid and Paste
  • Oxo Biodegradable Transparent Film for Bread Bags & other uses
  • Transparent Shrink Film for Water and Beverage Crates
  • Transparent Shrink Film for Jumbo Rolls of Textile Fabrics
  • Transparent Film for Bundling
  • Mulch Film for Agriculture Fields
  • UV Resistant Film for Greenhouses