Flexible Packaging Plant

Roshan Packages Limited operates in optimal infrastructure facilities, perfect for applying the latest technology and machinery for flexible packaging solutions. The process of converting imported and local substrates into flexible packaging has been constructed to precision as we follow the latest international quality on standards at the Flexible Packaging Plant.

We hold the resolutions to all our clients’ product design queries and offer customised packaging solutions catered to the needs of our customers in industries ranging from health to personal care, snacks, shampoo, confectionary, pharmaceuticals, poultry, detergents, processed food, oil and ghee, ice cream and dairy to water and beverage industry.

We have diligently covered all aspects of packaging and design for you and subsequently produce the finest products.

Technical Facilitation

  • 8-Color Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Solvent less Laminator
  • Solvent base Laminator
  • Slitting Machine

Flexible Products

  • Film Laminated Wrappers
  • Confectionary and Biscuit Wrappers
  • Snack Wrappers
  • Tea Sachets
  • Shampoo Sachets
  • Beauty and Washing Soap Wrappers
  • Detergent Pouches
  • Herbal Tea and Instant Drink Sachets


  • PET Bottle Labels

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