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How Many Types Of Corrugated Boxes Are There


How Many Types Of Corrugated Boxes Are There

If you are a company looking for packaging ideas, you might have come across the term ‘corrugated sheet’ – but what are they exactly?

Before we learn in-depth, we need to know the basic difference between corrugated and cardboard box

Some benefits of Corrugated Packaging:

  • It is cheaper in cost, as compared to cartons
  • Environmental friendly as it is made up of 70-100% recycled material
  • Lighter in weight and easier to transport and ship anywhere
  • Provides more protection as compared to using lighter cardboard, it can also be stacked easily
  • Puncture resistant due to corrugation flute
  • Provides more strength and durability as compared to any other material
  • Can be stacked better without damaging the inside contents.
  • It is also extremely flexible to manufacture and ship too. So many different shapes and sizes can be made. 
  • It can be customized according to the brand or the business, with their logo printed on it.

Usually, a cardboard material is very common for normal household items, but it is quite different from corrugated sheets. 

A Cardboard box is a one layered packaging box that is used mainly for lighter items like a pizza box, or for medicines etc. 

It does not provide a lot of safety or cost reduction, but can be used for packaging non-fragile items.

A corrugated box is made up of 3 layers: 

  1. An inside layer, which is the one facing the product or item. 
  2. An outside layer which has all the different prints on it. 
  3. There is a middle flute layer in between them which is responsible to provide protection and safety. 

This is a protective and cushioning layer which makes sure your products are safe. 

There are 6 types of Corrugated Flutes: 

  1. A-flute: 4.7mm thick which has the best strength for stacking
  2. B-flute: 2.5mm thick, resists being punctured
  3. C-flute: 3.6mm, can do both
  4. E-flute: 1.5mm, only for lighter materials 
  5. BC flute: Combination of B and C flute, provides extra stacking strength where needed
  6. AC flute: Combination of A and C flute, provides strength when needed

Types of Corrugated Cartons: 

Based upon the designs and its formation, a corrugated carton may have around 8 different types: 

  • Half-Slotted: 

This type mainly has one piece of a sheet which is either stitched or glued to a joint and with the up and down flaps. They are delivered in the flat form so that the brand can open it and use it as you like. You can fold the flaps according to your need. 

  • Slotted Box: 

This type is also similar to half slotted one in the fact that one piece is attached by glueing or stitching to the two different flaps. These are shipped in the flat formation and the buyer can then open it up and close the flaps while shipping them. 

  • Telescope Box: 

This type has more than one piece and it has a lid or sort of closing over the main body of the box. This is the main feature which sets it apart from others. 

  • Folder Type Boxes & Trays:

It usually has just one piece of a board. The bottom board is usually fixed to the sides and the cover. In different designs, handles, panels, locking tabs and other things are usually incorporated along too. 

  • Slide Type Boxes:

This type of corrugated box has many pieces of sleeves and liners, all of which move in different directions from one another. It may also have sleeves on the outside which can be used for other purposes. 

  • Rigid Type Boxes:

It mainly is made up of two different end pieces and the main body and needs some sort of glueing or stitching of either wood or fiberboard. 

  • Partitions:

Interior fitments like mainly liners, dividers, separators or pads may be sold as singular items or even can be attached to the main case. The number of panels depends upon the user and can be increased or even decreased where needed. 

  • Fold-Up Pads:

It includes different types of pads, dividers or even liners. These pads are usually presented in a folded manner and can be used singularly or attached. 

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Are Corrugated Boxes Good Packaging Materials



Are corrugated boxes good packaging materials

Amongst a lot of options available to be used for packing, corrugated cartons and sheets are now being used a lot. As every business would want their shipments to arrive safely, they always invest in selecting and buying the best type of packing materials. But, what is it really and why is it becoming so popular? Let us find out: 

What are corrugated boxes?

Corrugated sheets are a type of commonly used packing material, which is made up of three layers. One is the outer layer which we see while packing, and one is the inner layer which is the inside layer of the box. There is a third layer sandwiched in between them both which is the main layer providing strength and durability. Just on the basis of the thickness of flute, there can be six different categories of corrugated packaging:  A-flute: 4.7mm thick which can be used For stacking products, B-flute: 2.5mm thick which is Puncture-resistant, C-flute: 3.6mm – for stacking and resisting damages, E-flute: 1.5mm – lighter items, BC flute: Combination of B and C flute; more stacking strength and lastly, AC flute: Combination of A and C flute which provides More durability. 


Why is Corrugated Packaging a good packing option?

As compared to typical cardboard packaging, corrugated one has a lot of benefits and therefore it is a better option. Some reasons include: 

  1. Lower cost for shipping and transporting
  2. A sustainable option as compared to other can be easily recycled
  3. Easier and safer to ship to the desired location
  4. Improved protection due to being puncture resistant
  5. Has more strength and durable
  6. Can be reused and recycled so do not need to buy again
  7. Can be stacked better without damaging the inside contents.
  8. Lower cost for shipping and transporting
  9. A sustainable option as compared to other can be easily recycled
  10. Easier and safer to ship to the desired location
  11. Improved protection due to being puncture resistant
  12. Has more strength and durable
  13. Can be reused and recycled so do not need to buy again
  14. Can be stacked better without damaging the inside contents.

Also, there are different types of Corrugated Packaging according to its design, few of them include: 

  1. Slotted Boxes; having only a singular item, which has two other flaps on both the ends. These boxes are ready to use and do not require any special handling. These are the most commonly used category since it is all pre-designed. 
  2. Half-slotted boxes: Same as slotted
  3. Telescope box: Has more than one piece, with a lid that will cover each end easily 
  4. Slide boxes: As the name suggests, the pieces will slide in any direction required
  5. Folding up pads: Can be folded up to one piece
  6. Folder box: It looks just like a folder and also has other variants like handles or panels which can be attached as needed. One piece is fixed at the bottom, while the other one folds onto it. 


food packaging
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What are the basic qualities of food packaging

food packaging

What are the basic qualities of food packaging

When you are looking to designing food packaging, there are different aspects to it. The brand might see it as a way to brand their business and ship these items safely. The consumer will want the products to be delivered safely and timely. Similarly, the people who design these packaging will focus more on the design and its aesthetics. There comes a lot of choices you have to make. Like, which material to choose, how to properly wrap each product, choosing different types of boxes and whatnot. 

  1. Before you choose a particular packing system, you need to properly assess and analyze its life cycle. This is termed as Life Cycle Assessment or LCA. A lot of researches spend time on this concept to analyze the life cycle of each food item, and to develop different systems and software which can help to improve it further. 
  2. You want to make sure that you choose materials that will safely transport your items. This depends upon what type of food is being shipped and the distance. Fruits or other delicate items need proper wrapping to be shipped without damage. Similarly, if you are shipping baked goods, you need to pack each of them in proper boxes first then do secondary layer. So, either you use glass, cardboard, plastic or corrugated packaging; it all depends on a number of other factors. 
  3. Always prefer to choose sustainable options. Even in your packaging system, try to incorporate reusable and recyclable items and say no to plastics. The more you choose bio-degradable products, the safer it is for the environment. Even from the brand’s point of view, it is cheaper to buy boxes in bulk only once, and recycle or re-use the remaining instead of purchasing again and again. 
  4. Food particles are susceptible to degradation and microbial or insects contamination. Therefore, such items need to be properly packed and made safe. Preservatives are added where there is a high risk of oxidation or items turning bad. Then, in secondary packaging also, they are made sure of that temperature is maintained and they are kept safe from any harsh environment. Always label the requirements on each product and also on the main box. 
  5. There are plenty of smart packaging systems available which are mainly used for poultry or seafood. These types of systems are specially made for protein or muscle containing foods as there is a high risk of contamination. 
  6. It is important to know what types of materials are being used. Some of them, when exposed to high temperatures, may release toxins which can harm the food and affect its safety. Such harmful items may include polythene, Styrofoam and numerous kinds of plastics. This is one main reason also why plastics are now being banned internationally as they are extremely dangerous for everybody. This is why temperature regulation is so important during packaging, and it should be checked on a routine basis by the shipping department, or else it can waste the food items. 


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Roshan Packages helps bring theories to life for ACCA students

Roshan Packages helps ACCA students bring theories to life!

A group of ACCA students from SKANS School of Accountancy visited Roshan Packages Limited’s state of the art corrugation packaging plant located in Sundar Industrial Estate Lahore last week and learnt about the entire manufacturing process from the raw material stage in the form of paper, to the end product i.e. corrugation boxes. The youngsters, consisting of ACCA affiliates and ACCA qualified students, were able to get up close to the working manufacturing machinery and see first-hand, the range of technical processes involved in manufacturing of what appears to be a simple carton box to a layman.

As soon as the students arrived they were at first given a presentation of an overview of Roshan Packages Limited’s past, present and the future prospects by the marketing team of Roshan Packages. The ACCA students showed quite an interest when being informed about around a 1000 job openings at Roshan SunTao Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. which is set to open in 2019, reducing costs as well as using eco friendly processes and machinery. After the company’s background, the focus of the visit shifted towards the ACCA students about how they can achieve the soft skills and how their hard technical skills are applied in the corporate world. HR team of Roshan Packages educated the youngsters on how they need to behave in an interview or an organization despite having the technical skills, the importance of interpersonal skills was deemed mandatory.

The HR team further took great interest in students’ mental well-being when entering the job market and helped out by providing them the key insights and useful techniques from the perspective of a company’s HR and what they are looking in a potential candidate. The discussion took a very interesting turn when a member from Finance department of Roshan Packages answered student’s engaging and relevant technical questions.

The ACCA students were pleasantly surprised to know that Roshan Packages limited is an ICAEW approved employer as well as an ACCA approved employer. Ms. Sehr Abid, from the placement office of SKANS School of Accountancy said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to see an industrial environment with real world examples of how a packaging company works. Being able to bring the theory of what the students have been learning, to life is invaluable. I’d like to thank Roshan Packages Limited for working with us to make this possible for the students. I think the students were all extremely engaged, listened intently and absorbed each and every word”.

Following the Corrugation plant visit, at the lunch arranged by Roshan Packages, a student enthusiastically told about her experience: “It was more interesting than I thought it was going to be. Seeing how much goes into a business is fascinating and knowing that Roshan is an ACCA and ICAEW approved employer was really encouraging”. The students were found contemplating about their future plans over the lunch and asked the Roshan team any remaining questions that they had.

SKANS School of Accountancy which is based in New Garden Town in Lahore, aims to be one of the leading business schools in the field of Professional Accountancy Education. It has developed an expertise in the realm of CA (Pak), ACCA (UK), CIMA (UK), CAT (UK) and CISA (USA).