eco-friendly packaging
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9 Best Eco-Friendly Packaging that Needs Your Attention

eco-friendly packaging

9 Best Eco-Friendly Packaging that Needs Your Attention

What do Eco-friendly means?

“Eco-friendly” basically means materials that are Earth-friendly, without the damage or extra waste. Recently, overexploitation of resources has led us to become more and more aware of the earth and its dying resources. The reason why we need to be more aware of what we are using is because, it is not just harming our earth in the present, but will also be more harmful in the future.

What Exactly is Eco-friendly Packaging?

  • With each passing year, the public is getting more aware and empathetic about the earth. They have realized that climate change is real and it is one of the main side effects of our earth being badly damaged.
  • We throw waste as no one cares and it takes ages for a single piece of plastic to decompose. Plastic products are also extremely harmful as they can damage aquatic life and sea animals.
  • Most of the fish end up dying because they have ingested something which is made of plastic and upon examination, a lot of such materials are exposed.
  • Just like every industry needs a huge change and revolution, similarly, the packaging industry also needs to evolve and make smarter and better changes. Instead of using plastic, they should conform to using recyclable, bio-degradable and earth-friendly packaging that is not going to cause any harm to the animals or even living beings.

Benefits of using eco-friendly packaging:

When you use such packaging, you and your brand play a huge role in promoting a safe and sound environment. This change might be small, but it is visible enough. Not only that, you will be using products that have no by-products, are safe to use and also non-toxic. These products are also biodegradable and can be reused again, so in terms of cost, they are cheaper to use and you will not need to buy such packaging again and again.

  • It Will Improves Your Brand’s Image 

Since a lot of audiences are now more empathetic and serious about making healthier changes, seeing brands that promote and add to this cost will make them like them more. The tag of ‘eco-friendly’ packaging is extremely beneficial to your brand’s image as it will help to create a respectful representation. A lot of people with the same mind will actually prefer to buy from you.

  • The Interest Of Customers Will Develop 

Even if previously a lot of consumers were not attracted to your brands, now after seeing a huge and respectable movement, they will also want to invest in your brand and will prefer you because you are a company that promotes a positive image. More customers will take an interest in your company, your products, and your services.

  • It Will Benefit Fou Financially 

A lot of companies think that using sustainable products is expensive, but in reality, it is much cheaper and will benefit you a lot financially. For example, you will be re-using a lot of products so you will not need to buy things again and again and instead, you will need a one-time investment only. On the other hand, the cost will automatically go down once you will be removing the excess cost of manufacturing or developing.

  • It is now a government policy also

Previously, it was a free-willed movement. Now, in many countries, the government itself is making laws that help promote eco-friendly options. Recently, there has been a plastic ban initiated in Pakistan, by which no plastic bags are to be used. Since then, there are strict actions being taken, all of which promote this cause more and more.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Packaging:

When it comes to food packaging, you have really limited options since you want the food items to be delivered safely and without any contamination. Items like these are extremely vulnerable to damage and being wasted. So, it’s the company’s loss. Therefore, big brands have now understood the importance of packaging and have created teams that can look into this matter. There are so many options to choose from, but now Sustainable options are taking over. It is high time to realize that using eco-friendly items is not only a good thing but becoming a necessity at an alarming rate.

1. Smart Paper Cups:

People who like to drink coffee on a regular basis use a lot of paper cups and just throw them away. A few of them might reuse it for other purposes, but rest usually creates a lot of waste. These cups were introduced which are made up of plant materials and can be recycled. They can be used for both hot and cold food items. This is a very beneficial option since so many people use cups on a daily basis in offices for drinking water, tea or coffee. Now, these cups can be made from effective materials.

2. Reusable Packing For Salads:

A thin wax paper was invented which can be folded with the salad inside. The wax inside the sheet helps to keep the salad fresh and not go bad. It is all kept together by a sticker on the top.

3. Making Sustainable Options:

A lot of items are packaged by using a plastic packaging film. This film is thin enough to protect the items. A sustainable substitute is made by using milk protein, pectin from citrus fruits and salt. This packaging is biodegradable and also free from any plastic. This also uses milk protein in an effective way.

4. Using Left Behind Food Items:

The best way to create sustainable packing is to use food items that are usually wasted or left behind. In this way, not only the new item is created but also waste is minimized. In the UK, the peas or pulses that are left during the production are used to create packing for pasta. In this way, they ensure that no waste is left behind and something new is also created. They also create custom design box for kinds of pasta and food items this way.

5. Cartons Beers:

Usually, when you buy a beer bottle, it is either made from glass or even metal. A notorious beer brand called Carlsberg has collaborated with an eco-friendly company to create beer bottles that are actually made up of wood fibres, and no plastic, glass or metal is being used. Not only that, they still taste the same and their freshness is intact and guaranteed as any other regular beer bottle may have.

6. Eatable Cups:

KFC is a huge brand and food chain that is spread all over the world. They have launched a concept of the Scoff-ee cup, in which a cup is designed with a biscuit layer, and the outside layer is of sugar paper which is edible. Coffee is presented in this cup and effectively is able to withstand the heat. The best part if that after drinking your coffee, you can easily eat the cup too. No waste!

7. Bottles Made From Recycled Material:

One great way to reuse items is to make bottles out of it. A company has created paper bottles that are made from recycled materials. The outer material is made by the newspaper while there is a thin inner lining of plastic that will help contain the material inside. The best part is that these bottles are water-resistant, therefore they will not be damaged by any liquid type of product. This concept was also taken up by a famous brand L’Oréal, which owned a brand creating body and bath products. This company utilized the same bottles to package their products effectively.

8. Egg Cartons From Newspaper:

People who buy eggs daily know that there are lots of plastic cases in which they are enclosed. Now, you can get a basket of eggs which is made from recycled newspapers. They hold the eggs inside them effectively which you can hold and carry to whichever place. The newspaper is folded into an origami-like shape and there is a cardboard strip on top to protect them.

9. Plates Made From Leaves:

A lot of unused food items are continuously used to make something new, effective and safer. There are a lot of plants which have huge leaves which can be re-used to make something else. The best part and the biggest advantage of using leaves is that they are bio-degradable and do not take so many years to decompose. This plate is made by using such leaves, and also a layer of thin paper which is just like the leaf. It is then made it into whatever shape is required, and packaged like this, which is ready to be sold.

By reading this blog, you will now be aware of the importance of eco-friendly products and why they are so in trend right now. All companies need to make a well-informed decision about what they are using and what kind of materials they are using to package their products. By taking these small steps, only then we can create a bigger impact to save our earth, or to try at least. You can also check out Roshpack for a lot of packaging options according to your liking and interest.