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5 Trends in Pizza Packaging


5 Trends in Pizza Packaging

If you are a company whose main specialty is to deal in pizzas, then packaging is extremely important for your business not just for the aesthetic appeal, but also to ensure pizza is safely transported without being damaged. 

Choosing pizza packaging boxes is an important decision that a company’s packaging departments makes which is also crucial for its sales.

Here are 5 trends emerging in this field, from which you can benefit: 

  • Festive packaging

A lot of companies like to custom create boxes for a particular event. This could include adding new themes, designs, symbols, texts or even changing the whole appearance of boxes with the label of limited edition. These designs will be custom created for a particular festival.

For example, for Independence Day, you can turn your regular packaging into green and also promote it via deals and promotions so that more users will avail that offer, and you can sell those custom boxes. These boxes are made in a limited number and sold accordingly.

  • Improving identity

Whenever a customer orders a pizza, its outer packaging is the first thing they receive. A lot of huge chains are working on improving their brand identity, by displaying their logo and name on the center of box. 

Also, they have started to sell in different shapes other than the typical round, which can be a great identification mark of that brand. 

  • New Designs

Traditionally we use to buy a big circular box containing pizza. Now, there is also an option of buying boxes with separate slices. This is a great thing for people who want to try a different flavor but are not so sure about it.

Also, if you want a quick lunch and grab something on the go, it is better to buy a smaller version of such pizza. This one slice pizza is offered now by a lot of leading pizza chains. Roshpack offers a lot of new designs that you can use to package and brand your pizza. 

  • Vibrant Boxes

When it comes to pizza boxes, you can never be minimalistic. It is always about choosing big texts with bright colours and themes. Creating colourful and vibrant pizza box is actually a great way to improve your brand image and particular theme is associated with your brand.

For example, we know pizza hut has black and red theme so we can associate it with the brand. This fact is important as customers will relate to the packaging and will know about the company too. This is an important way to stay in your customers minds. 

  • Think out of the box

Pizza does not always has to come in a round or circular box. There are so many new ways it can be represented. Rectangular, triangle or even any other shape you want. Companies are being more creative with their designs and challenging the norms. There are so many new shapes and sequences that are being used in this industry to promote sales and engagement.