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Roshan Packages helps bring theories to life for ACCA students

Roshan Packages helps ACCA students bring theories to life!

A group of ACCA students from SKANS School of Accountancy visited Roshan Packages Limited’s state of the art corrugation packaging plant located in Sundar Industrial Estate Lahore last week and learnt about the entire manufacturing process from the raw material stage in the form of paper, to the end product i.e. corrugation boxes. The youngsters, consisting of ACCA affiliates and ACCA qualified students, were able to get up close to the working manufacturing machinery and see first-hand, the range of technical processes involved in manufacturing of what appears to be a simple carton box to a layman.

As soon as the students arrived they were at first given a presentation of an overview of Roshan Packages Limited’s past, present and the future prospects by the marketing team of Roshan Packages. The ACCA students showed quite an interest when being informed about around a 1000 job openings at Roshan SunTao Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. which is set to open in 2019, reducing costs as well as using eco friendly processes and machinery. After the company’s background, the focus of the visit shifted towards the ACCA students about how they can achieve the soft skills and how their hard technical skills are applied in the corporate world. HR team of Roshan Packages educated the youngsters on how they need to behave in an interview or an organization despite having the technical skills, the importance of interpersonal skills was deemed mandatory.

The HR team further took great interest in students’ mental well-being when entering the job market and helped out by providing them the key insights and useful techniques from the perspective of a company’s HR and what they are looking in a potential candidate. The discussion took a very interesting turn when a member from Finance department of Roshan Packages answered student’s engaging and relevant technical questions.

The ACCA students were pleasantly surprised to know that Roshan Packages limited is an ICAEW approved employer as well as an ACCA approved employer. Ms. Sehr Abid, from the placement office of SKANS School of Accountancy said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to see an industrial environment with real world examples of how a packaging company works. Being able to bring the theory of what the students have been learning, to life is invaluable. I’d like to thank Roshan Packages Limited for working with us to make this possible for the students. I think the students were all extremely engaged, listened intently and absorbed each and every word”.

Following the Corrugation plant visit, at the lunch arranged by Roshan Packages, a student enthusiastically told about her experience: “It was more interesting than I thought it was going to be. Seeing how much goes into a business is fascinating and knowing that Roshan is an ACCA and ICAEW approved employer was really encouraging”. The students were found contemplating about their future plans over the lunch and asked the Roshan team any remaining questions that they had.

SKANS School of Accountancy which is based in New Garden Town in Lahore, aims to be one of the leading business schools in the field of Professional Accountancy Education. It has developed an expertise in the realm of CA (Pak), ACCA (UK), CIMA (UK), CAT (UK) and CISA (USA).