Manufacturer of Flexible, Corrugated and co-extruded film solutions Packaging in Pakistan. Roshan Packages Limited amalgamates the best in design, advanced technology and research to provide a sustainable packaging solution for several industries. We are a long-standing and award-winning corporation working endlessly to meet your needs for reliable, high-quality, corrugated and flexible packaging. Roshan Packages Limited is proud to introduce:

Corrugated Packaging

Protects from damage.

Flexible Packaging

Preserves the product.


The discovery and design of new materials.


Roshan Packages Limited is a team of trustworthy corporates providing a three-pronged solution to your packaging needs with our range of Corrugated packaging, Flexible packaging and Co-extruded Films.

Founded in 2002, we are Pakistan’s leading innovators and manufacturers of bespoke packaging. Our manufacturing facilities in Pakistan provide best packaging solutions to fulfill a wide variety of purposes in industrial packaging. We assist growing companies in maximizing profits by providing a stress-free, cost-effective and sustainable industrial packaging means with luxury brand print options.

We have consistently proven our credibility through valuing our customer relationships and maintaining a standardized quality control in the packaging process. Reliable, efficient and pioneers, we are revolutionizing the world of packaging.

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‘We make effective and efficient use of resources and time in order to give a satisfactory result. Thus our partners count on us to streamline project plans to deliver the best quality products only.’

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