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5 Packaging Types to Consider


5 Packaging Types to Consider

It is so clear now that the outer packaging types plays a big role in marketing your brand better. In the past few years, this industry has not changed a lot. Nowadays, there are so many options out there to create custom boxes and whatnot. It has now become difficult to pick one. Let’s check out a few options you can use to improve your brand: 

  • Corrugated Boxes

Simply said, corrugated boxes are Cardboard boxes. These boxes are widely used as they can be easily shipped and stored. Depending on the strength and durability there are so many different types of corrugated boxes. Corrugated material is actually made up of 3 layers, with the middle layer being called a flute, and it is responsible for its strength and durability. 

It is mainly made from recycled paper so is the most sustainable option out there. For example, it is widely used to make medicine box, or even used in pizza packaging. They can be easily reused and recycled as much as you want.

  • Plastic boxes

Plastic is widely used in packing because it can show the product it contains inside without having to open it up. It is also lighter and flexible. It is used in a lot of wide range of materials. A traditional item like glass, ceramic or wood is now replaced with plastic. Generally, they are more durable materials. They can also be made airtight to help preserve your food and prevent contamination. It can also be easily recycled and new item can be easily produced.

  • Rigid boxes

These are the type of boxes which are commonly used to pack jewellery, phones or watches. These are sturdy and stable enough. Because of its durability, they do not lose their appearance easily. They also look a lot better in appearance. It is essentially a cardboard box, but it is made up of paperboard which is a lot thicker than the usual. The best example if the box used in the packing of iPhones. 

They definitely look a lot more polished in appearance. They do not collapse that easily and can also be easily made as custom printed boxes. One big downside is that they may be heavier, which means they need more shipping charges

  • Polybags

Commonly known as a plastic bag, a ply bag is made of thin and flexible plastic film. It is commonly used and can help to pack a lot of items like food, flowers, magazines and etc. They are lighter in weight, can be reused and also flexible in use. They are simpler to produce as compared to other therefore cost-effective option. 

  • Foil sealed bags

Typically if you use tea or coffee you will be familiar with this type of packing. It keeps the item inside fresh and dense. The flavour is also maintained and no contamination can occur, therefore improving the shelf life. You can also use it to pack clothing items. It works by removing oxygen gas, which is the main factor causing fungi and bacteria. 

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6 Sustainable Food Service Packaging Options


6 Sustainable Food Service Packaging Options

When it comes to Food packaging, you have really limited options since you want the food items to be delivered safely and without any contamination. Items like these are extremely vulnerable to damage and being wasted. So, it’s the company’s loss. 

Therefore big brands have now understood the due importance of service packaging and have created teams which can look into this matter. There are so many options to choose from, but now Sustainable options are taking over. It is high time to realize that using eco-friendly items are not only a good thing but becoming a necessity at an alarming rate. 


  • Smart paper cups, People who like to drink coffee on a regular basis use a lot of paper cups and just throw them away. A few of them might reuse it for other purposes, but rest usually creates a lot of waste. These cups were introduced which are made up of plant materials and can be recycled. They can be used for both hot and cold food items. 
  • A reusable packing for salads, A thin wax paper was invented which can be folded with the salad inside. The wax inside the sheet helps to keep the salad fresh and not go bad. It is all kept together by a sticker on the top. 
  • A lot of items are packaged by using a plastic packaging film. This film is thin enough to protect the items. A sustainable substitute is made by using milk protein, pectin from citrus fruits and salt. This packaging is biodegradable and also free from any plastic. This also uses milk protein in an effective way. 
  • The best way to create sustainable packing is to use food items that is usually wasted or left behind. In this way, not only a new item is created but also waste is minimized. In the UK, the peas or pulses that are left during the production are used to create packing for pastas. In this way, they ensure that no waste is left behind and something new is also created. They also create custom design box for pastas and food items this way. 
  • Usually, when you buy a beer bottle, it is either made from glass or even metal. A notorious beer brand called Carlsberg has collaborated with an eco-friendly company to create beer bottles that are actually made up of wood fibres, and no plastic, glass or metal is being used. Not only that, they still taste the same and their freshness is intact and guaranteed as any other regular beer bottle may have. 
  • KFC is a huge brand and food chain that is spread all over the world. They have launched a concept of Scoff-ee cup, in which a cup is designed with a biscuit layer, and the outside layer is of sugar paper which is edible. Coffee is presented in this cup and effectively is able to withstand the heat. The best part if that after drinking your coffee, you can easily eat the cup too. No waste! 



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5 Trends in Pizza Packaging


5 Trends in Pizza Packaging

If you are a company whose main specialty is to deal in pizzas, then packaging is extremely important for your business not just for the aesthetic appeal, but also to ensure pizza is safely transported without being damaged. 

Choosing pizza packaging boxes is an important decision that a company’s packaging departments makes which is also crucial for its sales.

Here are 5 trends emerging in this field, from which you can benefit: 

  • Festive packaging

A lot of companies like to custom create boxes for a particular event. This could include adding new themes, designs, symbols, texts or even changing the whole appearance of boxes with the label of limited edition. These designs will be custom created for a particular festival.

For example, for Independence Day, you can turn your regular packaging into green and also promote it via deals and promotions so that more users will avail that offer, and you can sell those custom boxes. These boxes are made in a limited number and sold accordingly.

  • Improving identity

Whenever a customer orders a pizza, its outer packaging is the first thing they receive. A lot of huge chains are working on improving their brand identity, by displaying their logo and name on the center of box. 

Also, they have started to sell in different shapes other than the typical round, which can be a great identification mark of that brand. 

  • New Designs

Traditionally we use to buy a big circular box containing pizza. Now, there is also an option of buying boxes with separate slices. This is a great thing for people who want to try a different flavor but are not so sure about it.

Also, if you want a quick lunch and grab something on the go, it is better to buy a smaller version of such pizza. This one slice pizza is offered now by a lot of leading pizza chains. Roshpack offers a lot of new designs that you can use to package and brand your pizza. 

  • Vibrant Boxes

When it comes to pizza boxes, you can never be minimalistic. It is always about choosing big texts with bright colours and themes. Creating colourful and vibrant pizza box is actually a great way to improve your brand image and particular theme is associated with your brand.

For example, we know pizza hut has black and red theme so we can associate it with the brand. This fact is important as customers will relate to the packaging and will know about the company too. This is an important way to stay in your customers minds. 

  • Think out of the box

Pizza does not always has to come in a round or circular box. There are so many new ways it can be represented. Rectangular, triangle or even any other shape you want. Companies are being more creative with their designs and challenging the norms. There are so many new shapes and sequences that are being used in this industry to promote sales and engagement. 

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How to improve the design of a food package


How to improve the design of a food package

When it comes to fruit packaging, the main goal is to deliver it safe and fresh and without contamination.

For example, if you are packing a fresh basket of fruit, you would want it to arrive fresh too. You would choose the packing material accordingly. Quality depends on food to food package. Choosing to package for fresh fruits and vegetables can be a difficult task to do. Because these items decompose or turn bad very quickly.

Therefore, the following things must be kept in mind


  • When packing fruit, enough cushioning material should be provided inside the boxes. Fruits and vegetables do not get damaged while transportation in this way. Since these items are soft and fresh. There is a higher risk that they will get damage simply by crushing with each other. Bananas or grapes have a high rate of going bad due to transportation because of this reason.


  • Choose a packaging box which allows air to pass through it so that no microbial contamination can occur in it. Even the storage area where the boxes are places should have controlled temperature and light conditions so that the food item is safe.


  • Usually, for packaging such items, cartons are used as secondary they provide more durability and strength without damaging the materials inside them. 


  • No matter what, the aesthetic appeal of the packaging box should not be compromised. The brand name, logo or contact details should be fairly visible on the outer packaging so that the retailer or consumer knows who to contact.


  • Bakery item should be delivered fresh and everything should be packed separately. The label should have an expiry date written clearly so that the customers can use it well before. Also, make sure to use packing according to the company’s manifesto.


  • For bulk items, it is important to use packing that can help the wholesale product be safe.


  • When delivering such products directly to the consumers, it is important that they be fresh and has a longer shelf life. Also, such packaging should be easy to handle and not too heavy and labelled correctly so that the customers know what is inside it.


  • In a lot of countries, supermarkets also offer a variety of fresh produce, such as in ready to eat form. Fruit might be cleaned and cut up in small pieces, and either packed in zip lock bags, small plastic boxes or in a frozen form so that the consumers can readily open them and uses it. This does keep the fruits and vegetables fresher but reduces the shelf life. There is a high demand for it as the consumers can readily see the product in front of them, and it attracts them more too. 


  • Such edible items are at a higher risk of microbial contamination, therefore some enzyme needs to be added to protect these items from being contaminated by fungus or microbes before they even reach the consumer. This is also important part of packaging since one infected item will destroy the whole box. 
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What are environmentally friendly ways of packaging products


What are environmentally friendly ways of packaging products

With an increase in plastic pollution and our oceans being filled with this filth, many companies and government have taken up a strong initiative to ban plastics in all walks of life. Simply said, for making custom boxes, now brands have to use options which are environmentally friendly and safe.

There are a few ways which you can use this concept in your packing methodology: 

  • Re-using your packing and boxes

One of the biggest ways you can minimize waste and plastic pollution is to use cardboard boxes which can be easily reused.

For example, during the house shifting a lot of boxes can be used again which are usually just lying around the house. In this way, they will not be needed to throw. From a financial point of view for the business, it also reduces cost as you will not have to buy boxes again and again. Design packaging in a manner which can be reused easily by the consumers, you should also add details about how such items can be used again for multiple purposes so that it will be easy for your consumers. 

  • Alternate plastic by paper

Plastic is the main culprit that is causing a lot of danger to aquatic life. It takes many years for simple plastic to decompose, making it a harmful material to use. A lot of our waste is thrown in oceans which endangers the species living there. Instead of using plastic for your products, switch to paper as much as you can.

For example, big retail brands have switched offering plastic shoppers to paper bags now. Many huge retailers have also introduced seeds in the paper which you can plant too. 

  • Use Earth-friendly options

When you are creating packing items and materials,  you can look into the option of choosing biodegradable materials. Such materials can decompose easily and faster too. Unlike plastics, they are not that harmful for any living being. They may be a little expensive than usual packaging, but it is a one-time investment which is extremely important to create sustainable packaging for your brand. 

  • Reduce the amount and layers of packaging

Only do the necessary amount of packaging required to ship the products safely. A lot of brands add a lot of fillers, thermopile and plastic sheets wrapped around the product just for presentation or either filling the empty spaces. Instead, try to reduce the extra layers. Some products may be affected this way as reduced packaging may alter the shelf-life. In such cases, let your customers know about it beforehand. 

  • Create new ideas

This concept of eco-friendly products is not new, but still not practiced so widely. Therefore, there might be limited options in the market when it comes to choosing sustainable products. Try to create new ideas about how you can change the packaging and make it more earth-friendly. The best way is to search for new ideas and thoughts, making new materials and informing the public on how they can re-use these. 

why-is-product-packaging-important-for business
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Why is product packaging important for business

why-is-product-packaging-important-for business

Why is product packaging important for business

You must be wondering, why so much pressure is put on choosing the best packing nowadays? The reason is that your packaging is the first thing that comes in contact with the customer and your first shot at creating an everlasting impression as well. Use it well. Business and brands have actually started to take it so seriously, that they have been investing their money and time and making special creative teams for the designing of the packing only!

Whether you are making a pizza box or a simple carton, your product packaging is extremely important. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Your packing will speak to the customer way before the product. It is the outermost layer of your brand. When a parcel arrives at the customer’s house, they will open it up and see the product first. How it is packaged and represented matters a lot. For example, your fruit packaging is done by using extremely low-quality carton, then not only will the fruit be rotten, but the customer will also feel upset and might never trust your business again.
  • Good packaging is like your brand’s voice. Its themes, ideas, colours, and texts say a lot about your brand. It guides on things like your brand’s target audience, its goal, its vision and philosophy and even future prospects. If your brand uses sustainable packing then it will be labelled as an aware and earth-friendly brand. Not only will that gain you respect amongst the masses, but everybody will also appreciate how much you think about the environment too.
  • It is a cheap and effective way to market your product and boost your sales. For example, many popular makeup companies often launch collections with a specific theme and packaging idea. This helps them to market their product better by promoting their brand’s idea and name. When they go to buy your product, they might not remember your company’s name, but they will always remember the tube design, the way the bottle was represented or the colour scheme of that collection. It helps to increase your sales and market your product to the audience.
  • Your packaging is also the thing which sets you apart from other competitors and brands with the same niche. Again, what difference does your mascara and XYZ brand’s mascara may have? The packaging of the tube. Yours might be more effective to use, or even by funkier and looks better. While the other brand may not have worked hard at it and not gathered that much attention for their product.
  • Your packaging will always be a symbolic representation of your business and consumers will remember it. For example, we always remember the classic colour scheme of beverage companies like Pepsi or Coca Cola. Even through the years they have changed and upgraded their packing but stayed the same with their colour scheme. With just their colours we can recognize from far away that it is the same brand! That is the power of packaging.
food packaging
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What are the basic qualities of food packaging

food packaging

What are the basic qualities of food packaging

When you are looking to designing food packaging, there are different aspects to it. The brand might see it as a way to brand their business and ship these items safely. The consumer will want the products to be delivered safely and timely. Similarly, the people who design these packaging will focus more on the design and its aesthetics. There comes a lot of choices you have to make. Like, which material to choose, how to properly wrap each product, choosing different types of boxes and whatnot. 

  1. Before you choose a particular packing system, you need to properly assess and analyze its life cycle. This is termed as Life Cycle Assessment or LCA. A lot of researches spend time on this concept to analyze the life cycle of each food item, and to develop different systems and software which can help to improve it further. 
  2. You want to make sure that you choose materials that will safely transport your items. This depends upon what type of food is being shipped and the distance. Fruits or other delicate items need proper wrapping to be shipped without damage. Similarly, if you are shipping baked goods, you need to pack each of them in proper boxes first then do secondary layer. So, either you use glass, cardboard, plastic or corrugated packaging; it all depends on a number of other factors. 
  3. Always prefer to choose sustainable options. Even in your packaging system, try to incorporate reusable and recyclable items and say no to plastics. The more you choose bio-degradable products, the safer it is for the environment. Even from the brand’s point of view, it is cheaper to buy boxes in bulk only once, and recycle or re-use the remaining instead of purchasing again and again. 
  4. Food particles are susceptible to degradation and microbial or insects contamination. Therefore, such items need to be properly packed and made safe. Preservatives are added where there is a high risk of oxidation or items turning bad. Then, in secondary packaging also, they are made sure of that temperature is maintained and they are kept safe from any harsh environment. Always label the requirements on each product and also on the main box. 
  5. There are plenty of smart packaging systems available which are mainly used for poultry or seafood. These types of systems are specially made for protein or muscle containing foods as there is a high risk of contamination. 
  6. It is important to know what types of materials are being used. Some of them, when exposed to high temperatures, may release toxins which can harm the food and affect its safety. Such harmful items may include polythene, Styrofoam and numerous kinds of plastics. This is one main reason also why plastics are now being banned internationally as they are extremely dangerous for everybody. This is why temperature regulation is so important during packaging, and it should be checked on a routine basis by the shipping department, or else it can waste the food items. 


5 Packaging Design Tips You Have Not Heard Before
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5 Packaging Design Tips You Have Not Heard Before

5 Packaging Design Tips You Have Not Heard Before

5 Packaging Design Tips You Have Not Heard Before

To make a mark in the packaging department, you need to do something unique and creative. The only way to catch the attention of your consumers is to provide them with something different and incomparable. That means a lot of work is to be done by your creative department to go out of the box and challenge the norms. Here are 5 Designing tips you must have not heard of before. Try them and see how your customer will be pleasantly surprised! 

  1. Usually, when a box is opened, there is a strap attached to it which says Open here. It is conventional boring. To make it interesting, you can change that line. Either make it more graphic or change the text to something fun. This is the first contact your consumer will have with your product; therefore the very first impression begins from here. 
  2. When we are focusing on designing packaging, we put a lot of effort on the top of the box or the sides. We rarely focus on the bottom part. You cannot predict how the box is going to be used later on. For example, boxes for house shifting can have an inspirational or funny quote embedded at the bottom. When such boxes are used, these designs become of important value and can actually improve the worth of the product. You can also add different texts or shapes and designs at the bottom of any product. 
  3. Similar to designing at the bottom, there is also one very important part that can be used. Lots of bottles and jars come with lids and caps. Often these caps are not utilized enough. These lids can have some nice designing, graphics or even quotes or one-liner to make it seem more interesting. Similarly, the area under the lid can also be utilized for several purposes. Several beverages companies put specific codes under the lid that users can scratch and enter the lucky draw. 
  4. Not just the product packaging, but the outer box packaging also can play a huge role. When a customer orders your product the very first interaction is with the outer package or box. It depends upon how that box is designed and the ease of opening, which can make a huge impression of your brand on the consumers. It should be properly packaged, labelled and shipped to the customers. 
  5. On each product, there is a bar code which helps with its identification and also tells about its information like batch number etc. One already used idea is to present that code in a fun manner. Add some inanimate objects or design to make it more fun in appearance. However, it should not ruin the reading ability of the barcode. 

So the conclusion is that before you design packaging for your products, you need to brainstorm and think about new and creative ideas. These will help improve sales and market position of your brand more by attracting more valuable customers to your business. 

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What is the best material for shipping box package


What is the best material for shipping box package

Shipping products from one location to another can be an intimidating task. Not only you want the package to be delivered, you also want to ensure it is transported safe and sound. If anything is broken, not only it is a loss for your business, but also makes your customers angry at your service. 

Choosing the best material for your Cardboard boxes is very important. As mentioned, it is the main factor that will help deliver your product in an intact position. Some products need to be protected more than the others and it should be mentioned that these items are fragile and to be handled with care. 

There are a few important factors on which it is based upon that which type of Custom boxes you need to use for shipping: 

  1. The material being shipped. If you are shipping an item that is too delicate or fragile, then you need to pack it properly, and use materials like bubble wrap or corrugated cartons which will help keep it safe. 
  2. The distance and location. If the shipping is being done along a long route, then that means the boxes will travel a lot. Make sure you choose a material that is resistant to wear and tear, moisture and temperature changes. For example, if shipping medications, you need to add preserving items so that there is no oxidation or bacterial contamination.
  3. They mode of transport also matters a lot. If the boxes are going to travel by sea or by air, the handling will differ a lot too. In bus or vans, there is more chance of damage. 
  4. Company budget matters when choosing a cost effective solution. You want to keep your product safe therefore it is wise to do a onetime investment on this. 

Material for shipping boxes

Whether you are looking for cartons or custom printed boxes, corrugated sheets are the best materials to choose from. They are cost-effective and a onetime investment. Also, they provide a lot of safety tear and pressure resistance to your products. They are strong but lightweight so easy to carry. Because of this, it is easier to ship them without a lot of charges. They have a lot of layers of paper, therefore providing durability and strength. Also, they can be easily re-used so are an eco-friendly option as compared to others. 

On the other hand, usually cardboard boxes do not provide the required strength, and can fall apart easily. They can only be used to transport lighter items in nearby locations. They can be costly too and not preferred for shipping delicate items. 

Not just the material of boxes, but there are other ways too which can help improve the quality of your shipping box: 

  1. Using bubble wrap to individually wrap each product, so that it remains safe.
  2. Make sure you do not over or under-fill each box. Use fillers or thermopole.
  3. Seal each box with high quality shipping tape. Do not use regular duct or scotch tape for this purpose. 
packaging trends
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How to Identify Emerging Packaging Trends

packaging trends

How to Identify Emerging Packaging Trends

If you are a new or even an existing brand that is looking to improve their image and sales, there are a lot of ways to do so. One very important way is to continuously update and upgrade your packaging quality. As there are new trends emerging in every field of businesses, packaging is also an underrated but an important phenomenon that is booming. Huge corporations understand the importance packaging has. They now make a special budget for it, and hire professional designer and teams to make an outstanding and unique packaging.

People who are entrusted with the responsibility to create new designs for their corrugated sheets and cartons know they have to keep up with the latest trends in the packaging world. But, how can you do it? Here are a few tips from the experts on this matter:

  1. Keep eyes on all the new expos happening on businesses. They cover each and every detail, including shipping and packing. From there, you can learn new tips and tricks and all the trending designs and ways you can improve your brands image. When you visit different seminars and workshops, a lot of new trends are on display. You can take a quick stroll and learn about it. Or even inquire from the other sellers about what is new and what is not.
  2. Stay in touch with all the other brands and always be inspired of what they are selling. How do they pack, what new innovation they are making and so on. The idea is not to plagiarize, but to be inspired and maybe even put your own twist on it. It is vital for each business to know what their competitor is up to. Maybe they are
  3. Always keep your audience in the pool. Consumers love to give feedback wherever they can. Always go for public polls and ask those questions about what they like or not. For example, if there is a problem in any of the packaging or batch, the public will give reviews on it. Hear it and work on it. Sometimes the target masses help you to create new ideas or even update eon the trends.
  4. Always analyze market trends. Emerging trends need some time to be accepted and in function. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, it is important to gather the data and feedback and then invest on it.

There are many emerging trends in the world of packaging that come and god. Before you look on it, it is important to let the trend settle a little and then try to implement on it. Not each trend is meant to be applied on your business model. If you want to buy packaging boxes which are made according to the trends, check out Roshpack Custom boxes. There are so many types of materials and boxes to choose from. So, whether you want to ship locally or even internationally you can choose the material, and even labeling according to it.