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Environment, Health and Safety Policy

We at Roshan Packages Ltd. realize and recognize the importance of achieving  safety, health, environment standards compliance for safety and health of all employees, contractors, visitors and general public at most important priority basis. This policy reaffirms our commitment to environmental stewardship and protecting the being of our employees, visitors, customers, ecological system and general public.

In support of this policy, Roshan will ensure that:

  • Top Management is committed to, and accountable for implementing, maintaining, measuring and improving HSE system throughout the organization and will provide all necessary trainings, proper working tools, safe working environment and PPE’s required for the safe operation.
  • HSE and other line management is committed to provide assistance and advice on safe working practices and procedures to minimize risk of injury.
  • HSE culture is promoted by behavior changing and assigning HSE compliance at respective levels of employees, contractors and other stakeholders. All suggestions, consultations and highlighted issues from anyone are considered positively of system improvement.
  • Contractors adhere to relevant health, safety, and environment and quality standards at our facilities.
  • All the hazards are identified as well as rated and appropriate steps are taken to nullify/minimize their impact.
  • Our policy is to comply with national and international standards and legal (statutory & regulatory) requirements relevant to the health, safety and environment.
  • Changes are controlled, assessed and monitored to ensure that the desired effect is achieved in all aspects of organizational performance in the health and safety of employees as well as the operating environment.
  • Health, Safety and Environment are considered at priority over productivity, quality and profitability when arriving at Business plans and decisions.
  • All activities are adequately resourced and carried out by trained and competent personnel who will exercise personal responsibility in preventing harm to themselves, others and environment. Wherever PPEs required are used properly.
  • There is no adverse impact of operations on the environment through implementation of better control of pollutant, monitoring and continuous improvement of Environmental systems.
  • Everyone at Roshan is responsible for his own and others safety.
  • We will responsibly use natural resources, such as air, water, soil and forests carefully and efficiently to conserve these natural resources.