Every journey begins with hard work and effort, and, in return, the results make you different from the rest of the world. Roshan Packages Limited started a journey to facilitate people in the packaging sector many years ago. They also started another journey to build youth in new dynamics according to the requirements of the new era of industry. They provide a platform for young blood to show their abilities to them, which is called walk-in interviews. I am also a lucky one who was selected through that platform. 

The day when I joined started with a normal routine, but it turned into special days after meeting with the Roshan Packages team. They do not consider the employees as employees but as part of their organization. And inshallah they will grow their organization to new heights. The Roshan Packages team gives me confidence and courage to grow myself, they also provided me a platform to polish my skills and make myself distinct from the rest of the world. At the start of the interaction, they told us a detailed introduction about their team, business processes, and growth strategies, which helped me to understand the organization’s culture and processes. My excitement level reached a peak when I met with such a great and humble personality, Mr. Tayyab Aijaz. Who is the CEO of the organization and I remember that day was such a wonderful and unforgettable day for me. 

The second day & third day were also very charming because we visited their production plant and met with their honorable team members, they guided our work processes, they helped us to understand the nature of business and business processes and the importance of our roles. All those moments were full of pleasure and joy. Their team members are highly qualified and experts in their fields and are very supportive to others, especially fresh graduates. 

I am very glad to have become a part of Roshan Packages Limited & thankful to the Roshan Packages team for facilitating such a welcoming environment.

-Muhammad  Awais, Management Trainee Officer Roshan Packages Limited