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What are environmentally friendly ways of packaging products


What are environmentally friendly ways of packaging products

With an increase in plastic pollution and our oceans being filled with this filth, many companies and government have taken up a strong initiative to ban plastics in all walks of life. Simply said, for making custom boxes, now brands have to use options which are environmentally friendly and safe.

There are a few ways which you can use this concept in your packing methodology: 

  • Re-using your packing and boxes

One of the biggest ways you can minimize waste and plastic pollution is to use cardboard boxes which can be easily reused.

For example, during the house shifting a lot of boxes can be used again which are usually just lying around the house. In this way, they will not be needed to throw. From a financial point of view for the business, it also reduces cost as you will not have to buy boxes again and again. Design packaging in a manner which can be reused easily by the consumers, you should also add details about how such items can be used again for multiple purposes so that it will be easy for your consumers. 

  • Alternate plastic by paper

Plastic is the main culprit that is causing a lot of danger to aquatic life. It takes many years for simple plastic to decompose, making it a harmful material to use. A lot of our waste is thrown in oceans which endangers the species living there. Instead of using plastic for your products, switch to paper as much as you can.

For example, big retail brands have switched offering plastic shoppers to paper bags now. Many huge retailers have also introduced seeds in the paper which you can plant too. 

  • Use Earth-friendly options

When you are creating packing items and materials,  you can look into the option of choosing biodegradable materials. Such materials can decompose easily and faster too. Unlike plastics, they are not that harmful for any living being. They may be a little expensive than usual packaging, but it is a one-time investment which is extremely important to create sustainable packaging for your brand. 

  • Reduce the amount and layers of packaging

Only do the necessary amount of packaging required to ship the products safely. A lot of brands add a lot of fillers, thermopile and plastic sheets wrapped around the product just for presentation or either filling the empty spaces. Instead, try to reduce the extra layers. Some products may be affected this way as reduced packaging may alter the shelf-life. In such cases, let your customers know about it beforehand. 

  • Create new ideas

This concept of eco-friendly products is not new, but still not practiced so widely. Therefore, there might be limited options in the market when it comes to choosing sustainable products. Try to create new ideas about how you can change the packaging and make it more earth-friendly. The best way is to search for new ideas and thoughts, making new materials and informing the public on how they can re-use these. 

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Best Shipping Boxes For Paintings



Best Shipping Boxes For Paintings

With online businesses on the rise, a lot of products can now be shipped and transported easily from one place or the other. Be it any food or medicinal item, or something as exquisite as shipping an artwork, you can easily manage it by using Custom boxes designed for the task. As we all know, shipping to different locations comes with a cost to pay. Sometimes, things are not packed correctly and they end up being damaged. It can lead to waste of money and of precious artwork. Therefore choosing the right shipping box is extremely crucial. 

There are a few factors which will help you choose the right material: 

  1. Choose the material which provides maximum safety to your artwork. Cardboard boxes should be generally avoided as they are not that efficient to provide maximum security. 
  2. Shipping costs also matter a lot. Since framed paintings are very heavy, they can cost you a lot of shipping charges. Similarly, if you ship unframed paintings, it might be considerably cheaper, as they can be easily rolled up into a cylinder and shipped. There is also a lesser chance of damage and you can choose a lighter material for the purpose as well. 
  3. You should know how much budget you have set for shipping purposes. Choose an option that is affordable and will not cost you an arm and leg. 

So, now that you have selected the right material for you and even order some custom printed boxes, here are few ways to make sure you pack these previous painting properly: 

  1. Decide whether you want to send the painting as framed or unframed. As mentioned previously, the unframed option is better in many ways like it costs less, and even packing it is easier compared to frame one. 
  2. Clean your packing area, and properly wrap the painting. Wrap first in a layer of craft paper, now wrap in bubble wrap safely. Bubble wrap is very important to keep your painting safe and immobile. It also prevents them from damaging during shipment. 
  3. Make sure you have invested in good quality tools. Packing can never be done if you do not have complete materials and tools to help you in the process. Some important things include investing in scissors, markers, good quality tapes, bubble wrap, craft paper and measuring equipment. If you do not have them, then packing can actually become difficult for you. 
  4. As mentioned, that material of the box varies on a lot of factors. One of the best types is to use corrugated sheets, specially the one that is called telescope box. In this particular type of corrugated sheets, you can actually join two boxes to make one big box enough to fit in your artwork. This type of sheet is not expensive at all, and it is durable enough to protect fragile items and ship them safely. 
  5. In the end, never forget to carefully and clearly label each painting, with the name of the artist so that you do not mix them up. 
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What is the best material for shipping box package


What is the best material for shipping box package

Shipping products from one location to another can be an intimidating task. Not only you want the package to be delivered, you also want to ensure it is transported safe and sound. If anything is broken, not only it is a loss for your business, but also makes your customers angry at your service. 

Choosing the best material for your Cardboard boxes is very important. As mentioned, it is the main factor that will help deliver your product in an intact position. Some products need to be protected more than the others and it should be mentioned that these items are fragile and to be handled with care. 

There are a few important factors on which it is based upon that which type of Custom boxes you need to use for shipping: 

  1. The material being shipped. If you are shipping an item that is too delicate or fragile, then you need to pack it properly, and use materials like bubble wrap or corrugated cartons which will help keep it safe. 
  2. The distance and location. If the shipping is being done along a long route, then that means the boxes will travel a lot. Make sure you choose a material that is resistant to wear and tear, moisture and temperature changes. For example, if shipping medications, you need to add preserving items so that there is no oxidation or bacterial contamination.
  3. They mode of transport also matters a lot. If the boxes are going to travel by sea or by air, the handling will differ a lot too. In bus or vans, there is more chance of damage. 
  4. Company budget matters when choosing a cost effective solution. You want to keep your product safe therefore it is wise to do a onetime investment on this. 

Material for shipping boxes

Whether you are looking for cartons or custom printed boxes, corrugated sheets are the best materials to choose from. They are cost-effective and a onetime investment. Also, they provide a lot of safety tear and pressure resistance to your products. They are strong but lightweight so easy to carry. Because of this, it is easier to ship them without a lot of charges. They have a lot of layers of paper, therefore providing durability and strength. Also, they can be easily re-used so are an eco-friendly option as compared to others. 

On the other hand, usually cardboard boxes do not provide the required strength, and can fall apart easily. They can only be used to transport lighter items in nearby locations. They can be costly too and not preferred for shipping delicate items. 

Not just the material of boxes, but there are other ways too which can help improve the quality of your shipping box: 

  1. Using bubble wrap to individually wrap each product, so that it remains safe.
  2. Make sure you do not over or under-fill each box. Use fillers or thermopole.
  3. Seal each box with high quality shipping tape. Do not use regular duct or scotch tape for this purpose.