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How to improve the design of a food package


How to improve the design of a food package

When it comes to fruit packaging, the main goal is to deliver it safe and fresh and without contamination.

For example, if you are packing a fresh basket of fruit, you would want it to arrive fresh too. You would choose the packing material accordingly. Quality depends on food to food package.  Choosing to package for fresh fruits and vegetables can be a difficult task to do. Because these items decompose or turn bad very quickly.

Therefore, the following things must be kept in mind


  • When packing fruit, enough cushioning material should be provided inside the boxes. Fruits and vegetables do not get damaged while transportation in this way. Since these items are soft and fresh. There is a higher risk that they will get damage simply by crushing with each other. Bananas or grapes have a high rate of going bad due to transportation because of this reason.


  • Choose a packaging box which allows air to pass through it so that no microbial contamination can occur in it. Even the storage area where the boxes are places should have controlled temperature and light conditions so that the food item is safe.


  • Usually, for packaging such items, cartons are used as secondary they provide more durability and strength without damaging the materials inside them. 


  • No matter what, the aesthetic appeal of the packaging box should not be compromised. The brand name, logo or contact details should be fairly visible on the outer packaging so that the retailer or consumer knows who to contact.


  • Bakery item should be delivered fresh and everything should be packed separately. The label should have an expiry date written clearly so that the customers can use it well before. Also, make sure to use packing according to the company’s manifesto.


  • For bulk items, it is important to use packing that can help the wholesale product be safe.


  • When delivering such products directly to the consumers, it is important that they be fresh and has a longer shelf life. Also, such packaging should be easy to handle and not too heavy and labelled correctly so that the customers know what is inside it.


  • In a lot of countries, supermarkets also offer a variety of fresh produce, such as in ready to eat form. Fruit might be cleaned and cut up in small pieces, and either packed in zip lock bags, small plastic boxes or in a frozen form so that the consumers can readily open them and uses it. This does keep the fruits and vegetables fresher but reduces the shelf life. There is a high demand for it as the consumers can readily see the product in front of them, and it attracts them more too. 


  • Such edible items are at a higher risk of microbial contamination, therefore some enzyme needs to be added to protect these items from being contaminated by fungus or microbes before they even reach the consumer. This is also important part of packaging since one infected item will destroy the whole box.