house shifting boxes
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Tips to Properly Pack & Unpack House Shifting Items in Boxes

house shifting boxes

Tips to Properly Pack & Unpack House Shifting Items in Boxes

Making a move can always be a very difficult phase of life. Not only do you leave behind memories, but also you have to start a new life from scratch. When it comes to house shifting, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you with Packing and unpacking. We will share a few ways to make this part of life easier and clutter free.


  • How to Properly Pack House Shifting Items in boxes: 
  1. Plan everything beforehand – before you start shifting and putting items in boxes, plan how many boxes you require, whether you need Corrugated cartons for house shifting or simple cartons, how much time do you have for the process, and from where to begin. Doing things haphazardly will always make it more difficult. 
  2. Start packing from one room then the other. Make sure to throw away things you don’t need and do not collect useless items and stay clutter free. 
  3. Properly label each box to avoid any sort of confusion at the end. This will make it easier for you to classify. 
  4. Use proper packing materials depending on the item. You can go through various options of House Shifting boxes by Roshpack and select according to the size and dimension required. 
  5. First put heavier items and then lighter items at the top. Do not overfill and make sure that each box is not so heavy that it cannot be transported. 
  6. Use bubble wrap to protect your fragile items. Label fragile carefully on each of such boxes. 
  7. Classify one type of item in each box. For example, toiletries or bathroom items and frames and pictures should be packed separately.


  • Properly Unpack House Shifting Items: 

Now that you have completed your move, it is time to open each box one by one and settle into the new place:

  1. Open the necessary items first. Like kitchen and bathroom items are needed first so open those boxes first. Kitchen is the most important part of the house, so settle down a few plates and crockery, and food items should be kept in place since they can go bad easily. 
  2. Properly assemble and line up your furniture so that you will not damage the heavier items. It will also help you to visualize your home.  
  3. Keep fragile items safe and open them up carefully so that they do not break. Remove them from wrapping and check whether any damage is done or not. 
  4. When starting with bedrooms, open boxes one at a time. First hang stuff in the closet, and assemble furniture. Then start with the rest. 
  5. You can also assign boxes to each family member and let them unpack and settle their own belongings. 
  6. Once you have unpacked the necessary items, take it slow. You cannot unpack and set the whole house in a single day. 
  7. While unpacking, open each box carefully, especially the ones with corrugated sheets. These boxes are very valuable and can easily be reused again in the future.