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5 Packaging Types to Consider


5 Packaging Types to Consider

It is so clear now that the outer packaging types plays a big role in marketing your brand better. In the past few years, this industry has not changed a lot. Nowadays, there are so many options out there to create custom boxes and whatnot. It has now become difficult to pick one. Let’s check out a few options you can use to improve your brand: 

  • Corrugated Boxes

Simply said, corrugated boxes are Cardboard boxes. These boxes are widely used as they can be easily shipped and stored. Depending on the strength and durability there are so many different types of corrugated boxes. Corrugated material is actually made up of 3 layers, with the middle layer being called a flute, and it is responsible for its strength and durability. 

It is mainly made from recycled paper so is the most sustainable option out there. For example, it is widely used to make medicine box, or even used in pizza packaging. They can be easily reused and recycled as much as you want.

  • Plastic boxes

Plastic is widely used in packing because it can show the product it contains inside without having to open it up. It is also lighter and flexible. It is used in a lot of wide range of materials. A traditional item like glass, ceramic or wood is now replaced with plastic. Generally, they are more durable materials. They can also be made airtight to help preserve your food and prevent contamination. It can also be easily recycled and new item can be easily produced.

  • Rigid boxes

These are the type of boxes which are commonly used to pack jewellery, phones or watches. These are sturdy and stable enough. Because of its durability, they do not lose their appearance easily. They also look a lot better in appearance. It is essentially a cardboard box, but it is made up of paperboard which is a lot thicker than the usual. The best example if the box used in the packing of iPhones. 

They definitely look a lot more polished in appearance. They do not collapse that easily and can also be easily made as custom printed boxes. One big downside is that they may be heavier, which means they need more shipping charges

  • Polybags

Commonly known as a plastic bag, a ply bag is made of thin and flexible plastic film. It is commonly used and can help to pack a lot of items like food, flowers, magazines and etc. They are lighter in weight, can be reused and also flexible in use. They are simpler to produce as compared to other therefore cost-effective option. 

  • Foil sealed bags

Typically if you use tea or coffee you will be familiar with this type of packing. It keeps the item inside fresh and dense. The flavour is also maintained and no contamination can occur, therefore improving the shelf life. You can also use it to pack clothing items. It works by removing oxygen gas, which is the main factor causing fungi and bacteria. 

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Why Does a Round Pizza Come in a Square Box


Why Does a Round Pizza Come in a Square Box

When it comes to choosing the best fast food, pizza is no doubt one of the most famous foods eaten around the world. There are so many types of it; you can have it with cheese, vegetables and what not. It suits everyone, from kids to adults. No doubt, it is easily available around the world, because of its popularity it is the most sought after food item everywhere. But when you look at the pizza box and wonder it: Why a round pizza comes in a square box?

There have been so many answers to this. Let us check out some. 

  • It is simple! 

When it comes to the development of a plain pizza packaging, it is observed that square boxes are comparatively easier to make, since they are made by one sheet of cardboard only. It is also easier to store boxes this way. Not only that, they can be delivered as flat and can be folded in the form of boxes by the shop owners themselves. As mentioned before, it is easier to store square boxes as they are better in terms of stability. 

On the other hand, if you decide to make a round box, it comes with a lot of complexity. Not only such boxes are difficult to manufacture, but they cannot be delivered as a flat layer and folded themselves. These boxes are also more expensive to be transported as fully made boxes. They will have to store these boxes as a whole and will take more space in their pizzerias.

When a round box is made, it is made by 4 sections instead of one and has to be joined by pressing with a special type of machine. When compared with a square box, it sounds like so much work has to be done. You will need to create a separate top lid and a bottom for it to be round. 

  • Complications of around Box

A round box needs more hinges to be fixed. Now, during delivery, these hinges can break apart very easily. As compared to that, a square box is stable and cannot break easily.

A square box has more space to accommodate a pizza easily and without damaging it. You can also easily lift up the pizza. The space inside, near the corners, is used to keep other sauces and items which can be carried easily. Overall, it is more accommodating than carrying around a pizza.

A square box looks more pleasing to the eye since we are so used to seeing it for a long time.

There are pizzas sold in the triangle or rectangular boxes too, but they do not look as pleasing as a square box does. 

Finally, the biggest mystery is solved here. If you have been wondering the same, you got your reasons here. The crux of the story is, to order a yummy slice of pizza right away, pick it up and eat it and forget about the shape, focus on the delicious taste of pizza slice!