Assalam-o Alaikum, my name is Hamza Ramzan and I did my graduation in Software engineering from the University of Agriculture Faislabad and then started my post-graduation in information technology from the University of Management and Technology, Lahore. I have been hired as an MTO IT at Roshan Packages Limited. I feel lucky as I was selected among many candidates. I received a call from RPL and that was a thankful feeling, unexplainable in words. My journey with RPL started on 14th Feb. The first three days were full of confusion and excitement as I had never been in any organization before. They introduced their corrugation plant and flexible plant. I particularly enjoyed visiting the corrugation plant and learning about its processes.

Hamza at his orientation holding Corrugated Boxes

Through the recruitment and training process, I realised that I was lucky to be joining a well-organized company. I feel lucky to have joined a professional and growing organisation to start my career. I received a good salary, had a nice working environment and was given respect by my coworkers despite being the youngest employee. When I entered this job, I knew nothing. I was a completely inexperienced and unskilled worker but after working for more than one month here, this job helped me improve my soft skills such as how to communicate with people around me, being honest, staying calm and focusing on my work. Having a job also taught me to value my own work, and the labour and effort I put into something.

As an IT professional, I think it is important for all businesses and employees to realise the importance of IT in sustaining and growing their business. Information technology or the IT department is a crucial part of my company as they monitor and manage almost all processes through software. The IT department is at the epicentre of the building and is involved in the day to day maintenance of communications networks for the businesses. Not many companies, big or small, could survive without a good IT department making them imperative to a business’s day to day existence. I learnt a lot even from sending an email, to changing a password, accessing databases and everything in between IT are there to help every step of the way. IT in business is ultimately to help the business be more efficient and productive and we as an IT team are trying our best to achieve those goals. 

With the help of my seniors, I am now able to perform and troubleshoot problems. Under the supervision of my seniors, I learned a lot. Roshan has its SAP system which has many modules related to the business. It provides facilities to view the progress that the company is making. It has many different categories and functions to provide facilities to Roshan employees. SAP is a business tool that can help to manage data and progress. The other domain which Roshan has is networking and I personally belong to this domain. Networking also plays a major role in Roshan. When I started working I did not understand the issues which employees face but with the help of my Deputy Manager Sir Hussain who has not only bookish knowledge but also core expertise. From my university level, I really wanted to join this domain as my professional career. At Roshan, networking related problems come across and we have to solve them. I love to share what I had done during my first month in this organization although I am not fully polished, I feel I learned a lot in a short period due to my team. Being an IT employee I had to fix issues that other employees face like they had printer sharing problems. There are so many other issues like windows related, software problems, and other networking troubleshooting. Before I was blank I was not able to do anything because I was an unskilled person but joining the IT department of Roshan Packages enhanced my knowledge. Although there are many hurdles and struggles are in my way but with the calm and comfortable environment of Roshan and my IT team, I can give my 100% to this organization because the opportunity never come again and again and I am thankful to this organization and Allah who gave me this golden opportunity.

I feel proud to be a part of one of the best packaging companies in Pakistan as well as a growing company. May Allah give me enough strength to polish my skills in a better way that I can serve diligently and create value.

-Hamza Ramzan