Have you ever wondered how and why corrugated packaging is an essential component of every product around you? This is all due to the sustainability of corrugated packaging. Corrugated boxes are made up of recycled paper and are a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. It has also widely replaced wood packaging because of its reliability, availability, and cheaper prices. Corrugated boxes even provide moisture-free packaging for your moisture-sensitive products. It can protect your sensitive products such as glass, decorations, etc.

Corrugated packaging has taken the packaging industry by storm due to its unique design. Corrugated sheets have one zigzag paper; a fluting paper sandwiched between two liner papers. This zigzag paper is the secret to protection because air gaps in between two liners act as a weight cushion to your products. Whenever your product packaging is subject to disturbance, it is this fluting that acts as shock absorbent hence keeping your product safe. Liner papers stick to fluting paper with starch-based glue. Both Liner papers hold the fluting paper together to bear the product’s weight; if liner paper ruptures, then product weight will end up crashing the fluting. We usually use water based inks to print on corrugated boxes. We can get three to four color printing for your products. Digital printing is also an option for corrugated boxes, but it is a bit costly as compared to Flexo water-base printing. Flexo Printing also enables speedy production of corrugated boxes.

Roshan Packages Limited's Corrugation Warehouse
Inside RPL’s Corrugation Warehouse

Roshan Packages Ltd was founded in the year 2000 and has transformed the packaging industry with its sustainable solution for products of nearly every niche. RPL introduced corrugated packaging for fruit packaging in early 2000. This provided fruits with long-lasting shelf life and exporters were able to ship fruits safely to their international destinations. Since then, RPL has been providing packaging solutions to cater to the need of its customers. For this, RPL has invested in equipping its system with the latest machinery. RPL is equipped with Pakistan’s first and only BHS Corrugator. BHS is a leading German corrugator manufacturer which can produce corrugated sheets at a speed of 250 m/min.

RPL has trained a number of individuals in corrugated packaging, and now these individuals are serving not only in entire Pakistan but also in the whole world. RPL has a long history of serving its nation by being environmentally friendly along with giving evergreen skills to the people of Pakistan. RPL believes in innovating by doing R&D for customers. We have introduced Food Grade Packaging such as pizza boxes, food boxes, burger boxes, and paper plates. RPL has also launched roshpack.com to cater to small retailers; now, you can order corrugated packaging with even smaller MOQ.

Do you have any queries related to product packaging? We will be more than happy to help and guide you for sustainable packaging, please get in touch with our sales team, and they will provide you with technical guidance. We have a modern lab with multiple state-of-the-art machines to provide you with all the test results regarding your packaging.

-Haseeb Qausim, Shift Engineer Corrugator, Roshan Packages Limited