Which Type Of Material Used For Medicines Packaging
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Which Type Of Material Used For Medicines Packaging

Which Type Of Material Used For Medicines Packaging

Which Type Of Material Used For Medicines Packaging

Medicine packaging is a very important phenomenon to understand because it can help protect and ship medicines safely from one place to another.

Basically, good packaging has the following aims: 

  • Should not cause leaking
  • Prevent contamination
  • Hold content firmly
  • Protect from moisture and light
  • Prevent oxidation
  • Prevent biological contamination

When you are choosing medicine cartons to pack and ship your products, the questions come about choosing the best material available in the market.

Such packaging is all about choosing films – these provide a strong barrier against water, moisture, gases like oxygen and others. These films are used in all levels of packaging, like in sachet, label, blisters and whatnot. 

The material that is needed to make such occlusive film includes a lot of ingredients. It might contain aluminium, plastic, and some oxides. A film that is metallized has metal ingredients which help with growth.

Similarly, if you use a coated film, it has aluminium or polymer which helps to maintain that barrier.

The final seal is also important, as improper sealing can also leave in contamination or gasses. 

Although medications are fully packed when stored in a medicine box, it still needs to undergo sterilization.

This step is necessary to make sure that everything is clean and there is no sort of contamination that can happen later on. 

Some products need to be saved in a cold-storage area. This is because they may contain ingredients which can breakdown in heat or light.

For example, insulin needs to be kept in a refrigerated and cold atmosphere. The temperature of such an area is usually between 2-8 degrees. 

Materials Used To Pack Medicines: 

  • Plastics; 

Made up of Polymers, plastic is one of the widely used items. It is cheap, easily available and easy to manufacture also. It is not fragile so can be transported easily as well. It is also flexible enough and can be blown into any size or shape you require. 

  • Glass:

It is one of the most commonly used packaging material used. Commonly used for bottles, glass provides a lot of protection, especially from light.

It is economical and eco-friendly but fragile enough as it can break down very easily. 

  • Metal:

Aluminium and steel are commonly used, Metal is preferred because it can resist light and moisture easily. It is also lighter, and labels can be pasted on its surface easily.

However, they are expensive and can react with a lot of compounds in medicine. 

  • Rubber:

It is mainly used to create closures for bottles and lids. It does not decompose that easily.

However, it does not allow water and gases to go through. 

  • Cardboard:

Cardboard is mainly used for secondary or tertiary packing of medicines. It is necessary to make sure that medicines are safely transported from one location to another. It can also be loaded and unloaded easily.

Other than that, one big box can fill in several small shipments inside it. Overall delivery charges will depend on the total box of weight with medicines.

why-is-product-packaging-important-for business
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Why is product packaging important for business

why-is-product-packaging-important-for business

Why is product packaging important for business

You must be wondering, why so much pressure is put on choosing the best packing nowadays? The reason is that your packaging is the first thing that comes in contact with the customer and your first shot at creating an everlasting impression as well. Use it well. Business and brands have actually started to take it so seriously, that they have been investing their money and time and making special creative teams for the designing of the packing only!

Whether you are making a pizza box or a simple carton, your product packaging is extremely important. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Your packing will speak to the customer way before the product. It is the outermost layer of your brand. When a parcel arrives at the customer’s house, they will open it up and see the product first. How it is packaged and represented matters a lot. For example, your fruit packaging is done by using extremely low-quality carton, then not only will the fruit be rotten, but the customer will also feel upset and might never trust your business again.
  • Good packaging is like your brand’s voice. Its themes, ideas, colours, and texts say a lot about your brand. It guides on things like your brand’s target audience, its goal, its vision and philosophy and even future prospects. If your brand uses sustainable packing then it will be labelled as an aware and earth-friendly brand. Not only will that gain you respect amongst the masses, but everybody will also appreciate how much you think about the environment too.
  • It is a cheap and effective way to market your product and boost your sales. For example, many popular makeup companies often launch collections with a specific theme and packaging idea. This helps them to market their product better by promoting their brand’s idea and name. When they go to buy your product, they might not remember your company’s name, but they will always remember the tube design, the way the bottle was represented or the colour scheme of that collection. It helps to increase your sales and market your product to the audience.
  • Your packaging is also the thing which sets you apart from other competitors and brands with the same niche. Again, what difference does your mascara and XYZ brand’s mascara may have? The packaging of the tube. Yours might be more effective to use, or even by funkier and looks better. While the other brand may not have worked hard at it and not gathered that much attention for their product.
  • Your packaging will always be a symbolic representation of your business and consumers will remember it. For example, we always remember the classic colour scheme of beverage companies like Pepsi or Coca Cola. Even through the years they have changed and upgraded their packing but stayed the same with their colour scheme. With just their colours we can recognize from far away that it is the same brand! That is the power of packaging.
custom boxes
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Why an Effective eCommerce Packaging is Required when it Comes to Selling Online

custom boxes

Why an Effective eCommerce Packaging is Required when it Comes to Selling Online

When it comes to creating a brand, a lot of hard work is required. From creating a product to making its labels, custom boxes and what not is a long series of work and commitment. The ultimate goal is to put out a product that customers genuinely love and use. As the world of e-commerce is growing day by day, it is becoming hard to stay in the business. Sellers are always trying out new ways to give their buyers a great experience when it comes to their product. That where product packaging comes in and it is one of the best marketing tactics to make your mark in the market. 

  • Use Custom Packaging for Clients

If you pack each product in their own custom-made boxes and packages, it gives customers a special feeling. Like the product was made with love and special attention connecting to them. When customers show these boxes to other friends and relatives, they will also be interested in your brand. You can also add custom notes with your product so that the customers feel like it was catered to them. 

  • Brand your Product Well

There are quite a few factors which go into eCommerce branding. Things such as logos, brand name, label and text, colour schemes etc are what define your brand. You need to choose them for your packaging to represent your brand.

For example, if your brand is targeted at a younger audience, you need to add vibrant colours and patterns. The logo outside on the Carton Box represents the identity of your business to customers and anyone else who sees it. 

  • Be Creative but Authentic

You can try out new textures, patterns and schemes to see what works best for you. Lots of big brands like Pepsi keep on changing their packaging to stay updated and fresh. Your ideas, however, should be genuine and exclusive to your identity. It is good to use out of the box ideas and content while you are choosing your packaging. Not only you can catch customers attention, but you can also keep them hooked.  

  • Add More Value to your Packaging

There are always a few extra factors you can add to increase the value and improve your packaging experience.

For example, a customized note address to your customer. A complimentary product once in a while can also help. Try adding your business card and a tissue labelled with your company’s logo. You can also use a custom tape to pack your corrugated packaging from the outside.  

  • Your Packaging Should be Memorable

One very important aspect of choosing a packaging design is to choose something that is easy to remember for customers and stays in their mind for a long time. Your outer packaging is the first thing the customers come in contact with when they buy your product. It should represent your brand well, with labels, logos and descriptions where required. When you use custom packaging or add some factor that will actually help them to recognize your brand wherever they see it. 

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What Can Environmentally Friendly Packaging Do For Businesses?



In today’s digital age, businesses are trying to attract consumers towards their products through all kinds of advertising. From television and newspaper adverts to social media campaigns and event sponsorship, every business is trying to maximize its reach by using every kind of medium available at its disposal.

Internet and computers didn’t just start the digital era though; they also started the era of social awareness. Today, everyone is quite aware of problems like global warming and climate change and, everyone is trying to play their role in stopping these life-threatening global issues.

In a recent survey, conducted by a well-respected research firm, it was found that not only does the average citizen wants to play a bigger role in fighting climate change but they also want to see businesses and corporations do the same too. Nearly 80% of the population wants to see businesses play a bigger role in our fight against global warming.

How can businesses step up?

A lot of big corporations have made it their mission to fight global warming and majority of them are trying to achieve the carbon-neutral status as soon as possible.

There are quite a few ways through which businesses around the world are fighting global warming. Here are some of the most prominent; generating electricity through renewable energy sources for their offices, banning or limiting the use of plastic, kick starting plantation drives and even trying to suck out carbon from the air.

Two other great way for businesses to be environmentally-friendly is by going paperless and only using cartons & custom boxes that are made out of recycled materials and can be recycled again.

Using recycled cartons is good for your business

As we mentioned earlier, thanks to the internet, people are a lot more socially aware these days. Today, people notice which businesses are employing environmentally-friendly policies and then people show their appreciation and support for such businesses by buying more from them and always coming back to them in future.

Needless to say, using environmentally-friendly packaging can earn you loyal customers and that will help build brand image and increase sales simultaneously.

Environmentally-friendly packaging can help reduce your costs

Recycling carton boxes is one of the cheapest and easiest recycling processes and this is why recycled (and eco-friendly!) packaging is so cheap and common these days. By replacing your products’ plastic packaging with eco-friendly cartons, not only will your business earn customers’ respect but it will also be able to reduce its costs (and help save the planet at the same time).

The thing about carton boxes is that they come in standard sizes and if the product that’s being packed is small, companies usually fill the gap an extra piece of corrugated packaging. The good news is that almost all big businesses offer custom-built boxes and cartons.

Today, almost all big and smart businesses are going for custom boxes because it allows them to pack their products in beautiful-looking and nicely-fitting boxes while doing their bit for the environment.

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Roshan Packages helps bring theories to life for ACCA students

Roshan Packages helps ACCA students bring theories to life!

A group of ACCA students from SKANS School of Accountancy visited Roshan Packages Limited’s state of the art corrugation packaging plant located in Sundar Industrial Estate Lahore last week and learnt about the entire manufacturing process from the raw material stage in the form of paper, to the end product i.e. corrugation boxes. The youngsters, consisting of ACCA affiliates and ACCA qualified students, were able to get up close to the working manufacturing machinery and see first-hand, the range of technical processes involved in manufacturing of what appears to be a simple carton box to a layman.

As soon as the students arrived they were at first given a presentation of an overview of Roshan Packages Limited’s past, present and the future prospects by the marketing team of Roshan Packages. The ACCA students showed quite an interest when being informed about around a 1000 job openings at Roshan SunTao Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. which is set to open in 2019, reducing costs as well as using eco friendly processes and machinery. After the company’s background, the focus of the visit shifted towards the ACCA students about how they can achieve the soft skills and how their hard technical skills are applied in the corporate world. HR team of Roshan Packages educated the youngsters on how they need to behave in an interview or an organization despite having the technical skills, the importance of interpersonal skills was deemed mandatory.

The HR team further took great interest in students’ mental well-being when entering the job market and helped out by providing them the key insights and useful techniques from the perspective of a company’s HR and what they are looking in a potential candidate. The discussion took a very interesting turn when a member from Finance department of Roshan Packages answered student’s engaging and relevant technical questions.

The ACCA students were pleasantly surprised to know that Roshan Packages limited is an ICAEW approved employer as well as an ACCA approved employer. Ms. Sehr Abid, from the placement office of SKANS School of Accountancy said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to see an industrial environment with real world examples of how a packaging company works. Being able to bring the theory of what the students have been learning, to life is invaluable. I’d like to thank Roshan Packages Limited for working with us to make this possible for the students. I think the students were all extremely engaged, listened intently and absorbed each and every word”.

Following the Corrugation plant visit, at the lunch arranged by Roshan Packages, a student enthusiastically told about her experience: “It was more interesting than I thought it was going to be. Seeing how much goes into a business is fascinating and knowing that Roshan is an ACCA and ICAEW approved employer was really encouraging”. The students were found contemplating about their future plans over the lunch and asked the Roshan team any remaining questions that they had.

SKANS School of Accountancy which is based in New Garden Town in Lahore, aims to be one of the leading business schools in the field of Professional Accountancy Education. It has developed an expertise in the realm of CA (Pak), ACCA (UK), CIMA (UK), CAT (UK) and CISA (USA).