Assalam Alaikum, I am Azzam Ali. I have been hired as an MTO (Management Trainee Officer) at Roshan Packages Limited. The company provided a wonderful tour of their working environment in our first three days. On the first day, we had the opportunity to get an introduction to the company and their working staff. They asked us to introduce ourselves as well. This was quite a nerve-wracking experience as I am an introvert but it was worth it to get to know my colleagues better. Later on, the HR department delivered us a well-prepared presentation. We had a lunch break where we all enjoyed sandwiches together. After the break, the staff carried on with the presentations. After everyone delivered their presentations, we had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of Roshan Packages.  He had a really charming personality and wished us welcome. Since it was Valentine’s day, we were offered a heart-shaped gift box packed with presents. It had a company-branded mug, diary, pen along with chocolates.  I loved their choice of gifts which complimented nicely with the day.

Roshpack’s medium e-commerce and Valentines Day box

On the 2nd day, we were given a brief tour of the manufacturing plant. At our arrival, we were welcomed by the Head of the Plant. Each department had an instructor explaining how the plant actually works to deliver a final good. We went through the corrugation and conversion process of the paper. Paper is given a sheet form which gets passed through multiple rollers. They produce multiple liners and flutes to make a sheet. The sheet is later processed in conversion processes. There are multiple machines that are used for manufacturing different types of boxes. EMBA, Flexo, and Casemaker are the major ones. I want to give an appreciation to Mr. Moiz from the production team. He was so friendly and explained everything we needed to learn about the converting process.  It was lunchtime already and we had chicken curry. After lunch, we were given presentations from respective departments about their roles in the organization. The head of each department including Finance, Supply Chain, and Sales guided us about their roles in the plant. We were quite exhausted at this point. At 4:00 pm, we departed from the plant and concluded our day.

On the 3rd day, we had to visit the manufacturing plant again. There were few more departments left that had yet to deliver their presentations. The remaining departments were Sales, IT, Admin, and HR. The Sales team was quite cheerful and we had a lot of fun in the session. After the conclusion of all the presentations, it really felt like Sales is probably the most integral part of a company. Later on, we had a lunch of Chicken Biryani. As an individual from IT, I was really looking forward to my department’s presentation. The instructor explained how an enterprise application like SAP works in a corporate environment to support all the activities of an organization. Due to the time limitation, it was a really short one. I wish they had the chance to explain more about it. Well, that’s how our day ended and we returned back to the head office. Overall, it was a good learning experience.

-Azzam Ali, MTO, Roshan Packages Limited