There are numerous types of corrugated boxes, these types can be classified into three main categories. We will discuss more details in upcoming blogs.

  • RSC (Regular Slotted Carton)
  • HSC (Half Slotted Carton)
  • Die Cut carton
Myriad of designs

RSC is known as regular slotted cartons. These are the most commonly used cartons. This box is joined by using glue flaps and is further completed using tape or straps. The two outer flaps are 1/2 of the box width. These two outer flaps join each other at the center of the box.

HSCs are known as half-slotted cartons, they are the same as RSC boxes but with one side completely open. The other side has two length flaps and two width flaps. These boxes are usually used for storage purposes. It can also be used for beverage and food packaging. Two HSC cartons with one uncovered top and the other with uncovered bottom form Top Bottom packaging. This type of packaging is usually used for fruit packaging. This type of design provides additional strength to packaging.

The third type of corrugated box is known as the Die-cut carton. These types of boxes are customizable, these boxes can be designed to your desired shape and size. We use metal blades on the wooden die to cut customized shapes from plain corrugated sheets. We can make self-locked cartons from this technique. We can also make cartons that are jointed using glue and stitching. Die-cut boxes are used for pizza, burgers, home appliances, and ceramics. Some other examples are mailer boxes, food boxes, display boxes, jewelry boxes, etc. The die-cut technique helps you customize any type of product packaging. We can also replicate different products such as stationery organizers and display organizers with the help of die.

We can make a number of combinations of boxes from the above categories, depending upon the needs of our customers. We can use a single wall or double wall combination of paper for any category of corrugated boxes. Roshan Packages offers up to four color printing on the corrugated box. We have advanced machines from Sweden, China, and Germany to offer speedy and quality packaging for your product. We have the latest sample-making machine, we can offer you a sample design of any specification in the least time. We have box designers who can help you for choosing the best possible design for your product. We offer detailed lab tests on corrugated boxes. These tests include durability, strength, moisture, compression, and bursting.